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If your house was a Beatles album is a compilation of designs and furnishings reminiscent of the well loved band and their music. Music evokes emotions in us, and designing a house according to a certain type of music can definitely revive some of those good vibrations too.

Let's take a magical mystery tour of this ideabook and sing along to the tunes!

The Beatles in the living room

*Drum roll* We present to you the fabulous, Beatles! Imagine having John, Paul, George, and Ringo in the living room hanging out on the couch. Dream come true? Well, that's what designing a home is all about—dreaming, imagining, and creating. 

This retro sofa presents itself as a striking centerpiece in this room, making the good vibrations of The Beatles resonate throughout the room.

A swing in the tune of 'Lucy in the sky with diamonds'

Picture yourself on a swing in the garden, with tangerine trees and marmalade skies.

The kaleidoscopic, free-spirited sound of The Beatles is beautifully expressed in this simple wooden swing with the famous song 'Lucy in the sky with diamonds' engraved on it. 

Designed by Sitting Spiritually, this bespoke swing can carry any name desired in the wind. 

All you need is love and cushions

It's true, all you need is love and cushions. Throw cushions are an excellent way to add a new song to your home. The throw cushions could be the words, images, textures, and feelings that remind you of a particular song. When we not only see, but hear and feel as well in design, it creates a more wholesome enriching experience and result as well. 

Groovy armchair

This groovy armchair is like a time machine taking us back into the 60s when The Beatles were in full swing. Jesus sits in a lotus position under a bodhi tree surrounded with colourful, funky patterns in this design. It sounds just as psychedelic as some of the songs from The Beatles. 

Each armchair is handmade and has its own individual patterns, so no chair will look the same. This unique armchair is charming in a groovy kind of way, and will definitely add personality to your home. 

Browse through these chairs and stools here on homify for more ideas. 

Bohemian bedroom

Finally, a bohemian bedroom to complete the hippy vibes of this Beatles inspired design collection. The colorful patchwork headboard is harmoniously contrasted with black and white photographs on the wall which could very well include none other than The Beatles! 

For more inspiration on how to create a bohemian design, have a look at 5 bohemian design ideas for homes

Did the designs featured here remind you of the Beatles? Let us know what you think in your comments below. 

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