15 tile samples to use in Indian homes

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The entrance to a house or the porch area is not a simple space leading to the main door. This space acts as a connection between the interiors and exteriors of the house. Most importantly, this area contributes significantly to the beauty of the house. This is the reason that the porch or the house entrance should be designed in a manner so that it is in sync with the overall appearance and beauty of the house.

Mentioned below you will find 15 amazing and beautiful décor designs for the patio or the house entrance. Choose the one that seems most suitable for your house:

1. Use of granite

Granite is one of the most popular materials used for flooring in the porch area or in the house entrance. Granite has many advantages like it is easy on cleaning and maintenance, it is durable and it offers a frictional surface for better grip. The material is a safe option for family members, particularly elderly people. There is slight water permeability and while using the area during rains, it will be less mossy.

2. Combination of stones in different tones

Check out the different tones of the stones in the design. The combination of marble with neutral and gray shade adds a lot of difference to the space. The whole entrance gets a unique appearance with this setting.

3. White concrete floor with modern look

This porch is also the entrance to the house. Monolithic slabs have been installed in the area for high durability. White cement has also been used in the area for enhancing the modern appearance of the house. To ensure that the porch is beautifully done, the concrete slab should be made smooth in a manner that there are no spots or edges in the same. The builder should be skilled and experienced for this job. If you have time constraint, you can use prefabricated concrete slabs and professionals will just need to place them together.

4. The gray flooring

Natural stones in different sizes can be combined together to create unique beauty in the porch of a house. It is not mandatory that the stones which are chosen are of the same color. The best option is choosing stones in the same color scheme but in varying shades. Natural beauty of the home is enhanced in this manner.

5. Patio will rustic appeal

For traditionally styled homes, this kind of patio setting and design is apt. The rustic beauty and appeal of the patio is maintained with the help of selected monoliths.

6. Using red brick tiles on the porch

This is one of the most common porch designs used in many homes in India. The best thing about this design and setting is that it is suitable for conventional as well as modern homes and other architectural styles.

7. The corner stone floor style

If you are looking to minimize the rigidity in the design of the porch, you can try installing corner stones for the porch or the house entrance instead of using regular styled stones and tiles.

8. Unique and exceptional idea

The unique beauty of the entrance of this house has attracted attention of all the visitors coming to the house. Logs in different heights and sizes have been selected and used for making creative stairs. For additional safety and security of the place, small stones have been used for filling in the gaps between the logs.

9. Combination of red bricks and cement

If a simple design is on your mind for the porch or home entrance, the combination of red bricks and cement is the best choice. This combination is not new and has been time tested.

10. Limestone floor at the entrance

If the house entrance or porch is in the open air, it will be affected by rains. Using limestone flooring in such situations is a great idea as it is non-slippery and hard to pave at the same time. In the porch, using limestone is a great idea. In this image, different shades of limestone have been used for creating unique design on the porch.

11. Stairs made of concrete

Check out this outstanding porch and house entrance. See the placement of the concrete blocks and slabs, which are along the inclination for house entrance. The blocks remain prominent even on the green grass. Modern beauty of the whole setup is attractive and adds to the exterior appeal considerably.

12. The entrance that seems ‘floating’

With proper lighting and illumination, magical effects can be created. And this is applicable for house entrance as well. This house entrance has use of dark materials. Lights are fitted strategically in a manner all along the path for creating a magical effect. The best way to refer to the effect is ‘floating’.

13. Rustic appeal with combination of stone and wooden slabs

Even though your house has a modern setting and design, this rustic style is simple and will look good in modern setups as well. There is combination of wood and stone in an innovative manner and the place gets a completely new beauty with the arrangement. The wooden planks have been laid very smartly. Just ensure that they are free from moss and are not slippery. The size of the stones which will be used in the space should be small so that they can fill up a large area conveniently between the wooden planks.

14. Amalgamation of proper shape and colour

Take a look at this lovely porch. The colour combination is just perfect for the whole setup. The tiles in the porch have a texture with colours and shapes that give the area a unique, smart look and appearance. Unleash your creativity and create similar porches with the right combination of colour and shapes.

15. The red brick floor

Red bricks are used in different manners – right from flooring to building materials. See the style and pattern in which the bricks are arranged in the porch of this house for unique design. The best thing about the bricks is that they are durable and slip resistant at the same time.

Try using these porch and home entrance ideas in your home.

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