Esoteric designs for a spiritual home

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A home is a sacred space, and for thousands of years people have been using esoteric designs in their homes as part of various spiritual traditions.These sacred symbols are used as a spiritual guidance tool for establishing a sacred space. Some of the esoteric designs featured here are common to various religions, mythologies, and philosophies. Holistic design includes not only our physical, mental, and emotional needs, but also our spiritual needs. 

Let's browse through some of these esoteric designs and get the kundalini rising!

Tibetan mandala

Mandalas are representations of all the layers of universes and serve the purpose of acting as a spiritual guidance tool for establishing a sacred space. 

In the center of this mandala is a Buddhist deity, Vajrayogini, the representation of Buddha in the female form. She is a teaching that was passed down from the Naropa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism to guide us on our path to enlightenment. 

The divine serpent

The serpent around a pole is another common sacred symbol, present in Greek mythology, Hinduism, and Christianity. In Hinduism, the rising serpent on a pole symbolises rising kundalini energy. The same symbol is used in the medical field because it is meant to represent healing based on the Greek myth of Hermes and Apollo, the god of healing. 

This artistic water fountain is hypnotic, bringing about a relaxed state of mind with its gentle flow of water. The water fountain has been beautifully designed to replicate a very natural flow in water, like water droplets from rain. The sound of water dropping like rain is zen, and the sight of the water droplets sparkling in the sunshine and reflecting rainbows of light is magical.

Yin and yang

Yin and yang is an ancient symbol originating from Chinese philosophy which speaks of the duality of nature and how opposing forces come together to compliment each other. 

This beautiful wooden yin and yang table designed by Kvadrat Meble expresses the quality of two different parts being complimentary to each other. It is also a very practical and creative design that enables you to have two smaller tables or one big one. 


Angels or spiritual guides are present in many religious stories.This creative design offers angelic wings and a place to rest. Life shouldn't be taken so seriously anyway. 

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Tree of life

Eclectic Apartment, The Orange Lane The Orange Lane Asian style corridor, hallway & stairs
The Orange Lane

Eclectic Apartment

The Orange Lane

The tree of life is a symbol that is also common to various world religions, mythologies, and philosophies. It is a representation of the interconnection of all life. It is the Fibonacci sequence, the pattern inherent in all life. 

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