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36 entrance designs that are perfect for small homes

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In this ideabook, we have selected 36 images of entrance design and decoration that can be adapted to small homes. All these have been created by professionals registered on the homify platform. We are sure that these projects will inspire you, whether it’s a small detail or an entire design. Among them, you will see modern, minimalist and rustic designs, all of which are fabulous.

Remember that if you need help to design your entrance, or any other part of your dream house, you can contact one of the professionals to implement the project, so take note and get inspired.

1. Two decorative walls with stone cladding, perfect for a modern look

2. Take advantage of resistant materials such as metal and steel, and combine them in the entrance of your house to give it lots of personality and to make it look fabulous

3. An entrance design for a rustic or country-style house

4. This design is great for a two-storey house – an imposing wall as the central element that marks the main entrance.

5. A simple design with uneven steps at the entrance of this house

6. Wood and height at the entrance create a feeling of a larger house

7. Another option with wood, but this time to bring warmth. Doubtless, this entrance design will delight many!

If you love the warmth of wood, we have some ideas on how you can use wood to bring style to your home.

8. Steps and a small garden in front

9. Paint the door a vibrant colour, and install a vertical garden

10. Modern materials and design will impress anyone

11. A small garden to decorate the entrance. Try to use plants that are native to your region as they will need less care.

Here are our recommendations on the best tropical plants to use for your garden.

12. A simple pergola to protect the entrance from the natural elements. Pay attention to the floor that uses two types of materials to break the monotony.

13. A mini wooden porch that covers the door

14. A minimalist garden for a private entrance

15. Unpolished concrete is trendy, and even at the entrance, it looks fabulous!

16. How about a porch that you make all by yourself?

17. An elongated metal and wooden pergola that decorates the façade and protects the entrance

18. Cover the top of the entrance with stone so that neither the sun nor the rain gets in

19. Metal and stone to highlight the entrance of a façade painted with neutral colours

20. A frame in a dark colour to highlight a small entrance

21. Build a pergola roof and a lattice for play of light and shadow

22. Create an accent with colour, and how about a small terrace at the entrance?

Absolutely precious!

Browse through photographs of inspiring terrace designs on homify for ideas on how to build one at your entrance.

23. A wall at the entrance lined with stone and a ceramic floor – very elegant!

24. A pathway with several levels…

… and a weeping wall accompanies the entrance

26. A tempered glass roof that protrudes from the façade. What do you think? Would you use this bold design at your entrance?

27. A fountain in the entrance

28. Lots of lights

29. With a few elements to decorate it

30. Framing the front door with a moulding

31. A porch that protrudes from the facade

32. A semi-transparent cover

33. In simplicity lies charm

34. An entrance that delimits the terrain, but with style

35. A central arch to separate the pedestrian and car entrances

36. Concrete planters at the entrance

Which of these designs will you pick? Answer in the comments.

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