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15 pictures of closets for your carpenter to build

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Closets are a necessity simply because there's always something or the other lying around that needs putting away. Where would we put it if not in the closest closet? Today we're bringing you 19 different ways to celebrate closets in and around your home

1. Simple and open

The onus that this closet comes with is the obvious fact that it cannot be used as a dumping grounds, which I'll admit I use my closet for! In terms of segregating your belongings this closet works in addition to it being a fairly simple design to replicate.  

2. Compartmentalization is the key

Closets that come well equipped to house various things can work wonders for you, particularly if you're big on having everything sorted out neatly. Also, you have the option of choosing the size and shape of the compartments in accordance with your need. 

3. Elongated closets

This one can make its way into your bedroom if you like. A simple set of closets running along the wall of your bedroom simply suffices. 

4. Chest of drawers

For added diversity, you can include a chest of drawers right in the middle of the closet space. For this, you could use different colored wood to point out the difference. 

5. A study combined with the closet

For all things that do not fit into the study, you know where they go! This is a great idea and aesthetically adds value to the room as well. An opened spaced area for showpieces or anything that you think deserves a spot on and a closed space for things that do not need to see the light of the day! 

6. Portable closets

If you're one that likes to move things around and switch up the furniture placeholders in your home, then you might want to consider a closet such as this. Move it around as and when you please wherever you please! 

7. Compact, yet elegant

The best thing about closets is that you can have it tailor made to your needs. This range can include clothes, makeup, shoes, bags and just about anything you like. 

8. One for the smaller bedrooms

Smaller bedrooms call for smaller closets which are not only petite but also very elegant at the same time. Pick out your choice of wood and also the shapes and sizes for the right fit.   

9. Modern living beckons

Break away from the regular browns and chestnuts to go for a closet that demands attention with a bold, bright color. If red doesn't do the trick for you, then go wild with your imagination. 

10. Diversity

For a more personalized touch, ensure that you get  multiple compartments for each of your belongings. This makes finding them easier, in addition to a neater space. 

11. A personalized touch

Accessorize with all that you think will make your stay around your closet all the more comfortable! 

12. One for the bathroom

Now, here's something that we all miss out on, opting for a closet in the bathroom. Rather than going for a cabin in the bathroom you can pick a fine closet such as this.

13. A chic zone

For a personally customized closet, opt for something such as this. Secret compartments with you favorites lined up are in the offing so don't you miss out on this if you're looking to hide your things away. 

14. Black and white

Go wild with colors and don't stick to conventional ones! If black and white doesn't fit your bill, then maybe another dynamic duo or perhaps, trio might. 

15. Concealed in the walls

If you're looking for newer, more chic design, then this is definitely something for you to explore. 

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Which one did you like?

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