6 functional built-in cabinets for Indian homes

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We cannot deny the importance of storage space in our home. No matter how much we have it, still we need more. Isn’t it? Especially in small flats or apartments where every inch matters, we need to build the cabinets in such a way that they don’t occupy much of the floor space. But at the same time we need it to be functional with sufficient open and closed shelves, drawers, hangers, shoe racks… and the list goes on. We need to have a practical approach when designing the cabinets for small homes. Although sliding doors are a bit inconvenient yet it a better option than the conventional doors because it doesn’t cover the floor space. We need the floor space for movement or even standing while using the cupboards. So we have brought for you 6 beautiful and well designed built-in cabinets for your home. Get inspired and built one for your home.

​1. Functional and modern

Functionality of a closet is very important but we cannot compromise on the looks too. After all it’s your house and you want it to make it perfect and beautiful. Built-in cabinets in small bedroom meet all the requirement of storage and save on the space too. Plan the design according to the space available and use the depth judiciously. It’s you who knows the best about your requirements. So from inside make it functional to fit into your needs and from outside make it look modern and elegant to complement your beautiful bedroom.

2. All in one

Whether it’s a sliding door or conventional cabinets, do not ignore the fact that eventually it is a part of your bedroom and should match with the décor of the room. Use the walls to its utmost capacity. If the cupboards are well planned and executed accordingly it will have ample storage space and will merge with the decoration of the room. Here it is perfectly designed cabinet with closed shelves of different shapes and sizes, drawers, covered lofts and hanging spot too. Don’t miss the long mirror covering the corner. Life will surely become convenient with this stylish, modern and fully functional built-in cabinet in the bedroom.

​3. Beauty of natural colour and texture

Let the closet merge with the wall and become a part of the room. Nothing can beat the beauty and elegance of natural colour and texture. Keep it natural and the small space will feel spacious. Just a gentle reminder for you that sliding door in built-in cabinets is quite a space saver and a boon for elegant small bedrooms.

​4. A wall called cupboard

If possible use a whole wall to build a cabinet in your modern bedroom. Match the colour of the wardrobe with the other walls of the room and make it stand out as a decoration piece in your room. Here the rustic design of the cabinets with lots of drawers with antique knobs is making the space elegant with its simplicity. It’s a perfect choice for the couple’s bedroom who admires the rustic charm and loves simplicity.

​5. Moving with the wall

Good designers are innovative and open to challenges and yet are creative. Let the cabinet flow with the space taking the turns along with the walls. The geometric pattern it will make in the process will look interesting. The space which otherwise would have gone waste or would have been challenging to use will be fully utilized. Enjoy the storage space in your room that is adding to the aesthetic beauty of your amazing bedroom.

​6. Kitchen with ample storage space

U-shape is perfect for small kitchen and here it is.  It’s an extremely stylish and modern kitchen with sufficient storage space all along the wall in the shape of U. It is an open kitchen where it is not integrated with dining room. Instead, the island has been made into an amazingly modern and elegant dining space. Functionality and beauty of this elegant kitchen is further elevated by the choice of colour and sensational lighting.

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Do you have more ideas of smart cabinets for homes? We are waiting to hear from you.

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