13 bedroom wardrobes that will make your life easier

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Good living quality starts with bedroom design and layout. In the general context, it is the bedroom where people first open their eyes and start the day and also more importantly end the day with a good night's sleep. The bedroom design and the room atmosphere are important for a good night's sleep, and the bedroom wardrobe is important for ensuring the room layout. 

New wardrobe models are updated with functional designs to make your life easier so that, for example it is easier for you to find your clothes and accessories when you're in a hurry. Bedroom wardrobes that can create an aesthetic perception in harmony with the bedroom decor should be considered. Perhaps you are about to renovate your bedroom or are looking for practical ideas about bedroom furniture. In this article, we have prepared a selection of bedroom wardrobe models that will make your life easier. Let's start by examining the wardrobe models we have chosen in different styles and designs immediately.

1. Wooden textures

In addition to its functional form in terms of shape, wood, which appeals to the eyes is also in harmony with the rest of the furniture in the bedroom. With eclectic designs, the combination of wooden furniture with new furniture creates the opportunity to present both classical and modern approaches. However, the modern design here uses the same wooden texture on the bed and cabinets as well. As for the decoration, the use of a simple plant demonstrates that it is designed with a minimalist style. 

2. Pure minimalist

The magic of this wardrobe is that when it's closed, it camouflages with the white walls of the bedroom and disappears. It also has at least a dozen different sized and shaped compartments so that you can not only store clothes, but also shoes and accessories like bags, belts and etc. This sleek and compact walk-in closet is also the perfect space to get dressed with that full-length mirror and lighting all in one neat and tidy space. 

3. Design with dividing wall panels

A convenient bedroom wardrobe design can be designed by installing shelves behind the partition wall panels.Today, we have tried to choose examples of wardrobe designs with rational solutions and a modern approach. At homify you will find various shelving systems and wardrobe designs that will offer practical solutions. 

4. Frosted glass covers

You may not want to overlook the aesthetic element, and you might want to use functional wardrobe door models. When designing with glass covers, you can choose glass models that are transparent or that completely hide your clothes.

For more ideas and inspiration, here are 6 decorative wardrobe ideas.

5. Children's bedroom with sailor theme

Wardrobe designs can be designed based on the bedroom theme. For example, the sailor theme pictured here offers a visually stimulating way of creating a journey into the world of fantasy and imagination. The wardrobe design, which is in navy blue and white, also serves as a wall decoration in this children's bedroom.

6. Design inspired by the container system

One of the interesting alternatives for wardrobes are these eye-catching container systems where the containers are designed with a sliding door. These containers come in many different shapes and sizes, and you can evaluate which size would be the best for your bedroom based on how much space you have and how many clothes and accessories you have. 

7. Step-by-step cabinets

This cabinet design demonstrates that it is easy to add warmth and color to the children's room with visually appealing designs. Giant drawers as steps for the bunk beds is a great space-saving design too. 

8. Geometric design

Sliding Wardrobe in the Loft Bravo London Ltd BedroomWardrobes & closets
Bravo London Ltd

Sliding Wardrobe in the Loft

Bravo London Ltd

For a bedroom with slanting wall slopes, the geometric design of this wardrobe that is contrasted with both light and dark colors is perfect, as it harmonizes with the shape of the wall and ceiling.The wardrobe is designed with open shelves on both sides, so make sure you're a neat person if you opt for this design—you wouldn't want your mess to be on display!

9. Black wardrobe with mirrors

Richmond Fitted Bedroom Furniture homify BedroomWardrobes & closets modern,black,gloss

Richmond Fitted Bedroom Furniture


One of the most known multi-function of wardrobes is the mirrored doors. The mirrors also serve to break down the effect of the dark colors in order to make the space feel more spacious. So if your bedroom is mostly in dark colors, this is a great design for you. 

10. At an angle

What do you think about creating a completely different atmosphere in a bedroom with a small difference in the shape of the wardrobe? It's definitely possible as you can see here! You can also design alternate shelves and drawers that carry built-in closet features. In such a beautiful room, you do not want to see the chaos created by clothes, this way you can have that trendy open wardrobe you've always wanted and still get away with a bit of mess, as the funny angle of the wardrobe design hides parts of the closet. 

11. Creative design: Fences

There are lots of alternatives to make your bedrooms beautiful, and this closet with wooden fences is one for those who do not like conformity and being squeezed into uniformity. You can also create a design that is unique with a cabinet door that extends from the floor to the ceiling. 

12. Skylight closet

This design is not only makes the most of the space in this bedroom by fitting neatly into a weird corner of the room, but also makes full use of the skylight, so you can get dressed in the best light—natural light. All it needs now is a mirror! 

13. A wardrobe for small bedrooms

Big closets are great, but if your bedroom is small, then it could overcrowd the room, so be careful with the size of your wardrobe; throw out some clothes if you have to. Most importantly, choose a wardrobe design that suitable to your needs and has all the functional details you require, it can make life a lot easier for you. 

For more wardrobe designs with small bedrooms in mind, you can refer to our article titled '5 compact wardrobe ideas.'

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