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10 Living Room Designs In A Budget

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The thought of interior decoration often brings up images of posh and sophisticated living spaces right out magazine covers. Brilliant pictures of interiors by professionals make it a cherished dream for many. However, not all things beautiful come at a high price and when it is living room that needs most attention, there are ways to design it just as brilliantly but within a low budget. Lets take a look at 10 ingenious ideas to get you started on your interior design journey for the living room decor.

1. Carpet beauty

If the living room has minimal furniture and you need some filling in the space, then a carpet is an excellent idea. A cheerful pattern in bright colors will not only capture the attention and spruce up the look of the living room, it will cover some blank floor area too. There is just one sofa and a centre table in this living room and the carpet adds to the much needed accessory. Carpets are available in a wide range of price points, so go ahead and choose the one that fits your budget. 

2. Simplicity of monochrome

Colors play such a huge role in any interior design plan. Use of monochrome theme ensures that it is easy to match furniture and accessories with each other. Sometimes use of varied colors can restrict choice and colors often tend to go in and out of trend. The classic black and white is timeless and sophisticated at the same time.

3. Modern designs

Use of a single unique furniture piece can add an interesting look to the living room. You need not clutter the space with too many things, but just a modern sofa or a couple of chairs instead can uplift the room. That's why modern designs like these are an effective cost saving tool for budget decor dreams and designers and professionals have made it easy for us to choose.

4. Pastel colors

Pastel colors are another classic. They never go out of fashion and make a tiny room look bigger. Pastels bring in freshness and positivity making a perfect backdrop to decorate the living room with furniture and accessories.

5. Interesting partitions

Open design plans are so common in city homes as they are great space savers. By adding interesting partitions like this one, home owners can add style and functionality to the living room. This partition not only adds a designer touch in the room, this simple design makes some room for additional storage space.

6. Wall stickers

If painting the walls is not an option, a quick way to perk up the room is to use wall stickers. Available in all kinds of designs and styles, wall stickers turn boring walls to interesting ones. So while the sofa and upholstery look ordinary in this living room, the wall sticker adds a refreshing dimension. 

7. Motifs on the wall

If you are feeling more creative, the wall can be your canvas! So what if you could not afford that super expensive luxury sofa, with a wall like this, even a simple table can look so exclusive. Choose the colors and wall design patterns wisely and you won't be dispappointed.

8. Old with new

Inherited a dated family couch? Don't throw it away yet. Use it along with your current furniture and you can end up with a beautiful mix of the old and new like in this living room. By play of colors on the walls and other add-ons, this couch looks completely at home with the rest of the decor. 

9. Natural light

There's nothing more refreshing and energizing than natural light. Make good use of it as it not only brightens up the interiors, natural light has a way of uplifting even a minimally adorned living room and making it look so much more inviting.

10. Timeless white

If color co-ordination in room decor is not your forte, go for the classic one that one can't go wrong with, the all time favourite white. White walls, white sofas, white table not only are easy to procure, you do not need to match them and they still look sophisticated together in an all-white theme.

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