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6 bathroom cleaning ideas to make your life easy

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Keeping the whole house neat and clean is important. Among the different rooms in the house, the cleanliness and hygiene in the bathroom need special mention. The bathroom is constantly exposed to various kinds of bacteria and microbes and various kinds of infections might take place if the place is not maintained and kept clean. People who have closet bathrooms are at higher risks of infections. Chances of bacterial and microbial infections are quite high in closet bathrooms when compared to general bathrooms.

Here are explanations as why it is important to care about the cleanliness of the bathroom. Bathrooms which come with toilet bowls are at higher risk because when the siphon is pressed, the micro bubbles splash. If the bowl does not have sufficient depth, there are chances that the water will be splashed on the towel or even on the toothbrush. It is recommended to keep such things away from the toilet.

Along with the toilet bowl, another place where the chances of bacterial and microbial infections are high is wet mats and towels. Bacteria tend to grow and develop in moist areas only and easily spread. One of the ways of preventing this problem is by changing towels frequently. During the daytime, the mats should be mopped. Wet walls and floors are also places from where infections can spread easily. To solve this problem, it is important that the bathroom is well ventilated and that the floors are kept dry as much as possible.

Mentioned below are some tricks which can be used for keeping the bathroom clean and dry and free from infections:

1. Cleaning the bathtub and basin

One of the easiest ways of keeping the bathtub and basin clean in the bathroom is using suitable cleaning products. But in this article, we will provide alternative solutions for the cleaning. Natural and economic ideas are preferred. Use combination of carbonate and salt and rub the basin and the bathtub with the same. You can clean off grease and corn from the place easily. To wash off the carbonate and salt, use water and white vinegar. You will get sparkling clean sink and bathtub.

2. Cleaning the closet

Right in the beginning we mentioned that closet bathrooms are more dangerous than general bathrooms from the aspect of spreading infections. This is because bacteria and microbes thrive well in closets due to the moisture content. The toilet needs to be cleaned daily and the closet should also be kept clean and dry. This should be done at regular intervals. For thorough cleaning, rub the surfaces with carbonated salt and use hot water for rinsing the same.

3. Cleaning the floor

Keeping the floor of the bathroom clean is very important as it might lead to bacterial and mold growth. Many natural ingredients can be used for cleaning the bathroom floor and tiles. Arab soap and carbonates are the most popular choices with people. The combination of the ingredients not only helps in cleaning the bathroom floor and tiles, but the ceramic coating gets a new shine with the ingredients. Take a glass and add the Arab soap to it, add carbonate and mix well. Spread the mixture on the floor and rub well. You will be done with the cleaning in a moment.

4. Cleaning the glass in the bathroom

You might ignore this part, but the shower glass in the bathroom needs thorough cleaning as well from time to time. White vinegar is probably the best ingredient which can be used for cleaning the shower glass or the window in the bathroom. White vinegar contains acetic acid, which acts as a wonderful disinfectant. Take some hot water and mix white vinegar in the same. Spray the solution on the glass surfaces. Rub with a soft cloth and then dry the same for complete cleaning.

5. Moving water stains from glass surfaces

When glass surfaces are cleaned, there are high chances that glass stains are there on the surface. The same stands true for ceramic surfaces as well. In order to avoid this problem, just drop a little amount of glycerin into the water while cleaning. This will surely prevent water stains from forming on ceramic or glass surfaces.

6. Working on hardened towels

It is a common thing that towels lose their softness over time with washing and using. There are cloth softeners available in the market, but it has been seen that they are not very effective on towels. There is a great homely remedy for this problem as well. Soak the towel in white vinegar distilled water for one night and see how the towel regains the softness.

Which idea is your favourite?

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