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Gender neutral children's rooms allow children to express themselves without putting them into male or female gender roles. More parents are choosing gender neutral designs these days as they begin to become aware of the negative impacts of gender stereotyping. Progressive parenting lies in allowing your child to express his or her individuality, rather than creating a mold for them to fit in. 

Let's have a look at how to create a gender neutral children's room. 

Purple children's room

This room glorifies purple, the combination of the colors pink and blue, creating a neutral children's room which is neither girlish or boyish. Although the monkey bars are traditionally boyish, gender neutral rooms say girls don't have to be princesses, they can be monkeys too if they want

Rainbow children's room

Why limit yourself to pink or blue when you can have all the colors of the rainbow? The bright colors are stimulating and the white walls create a neutral background for exploration. Gender neutral rooms create a limitless energy in the colors of the rainbow, while boys room and girls room create limitations. 

Green and blue children's room

Using calm colors like green and blue for a children's room is probably a good idea as you probably want them to calm down at some point. 

Although the green and blue shine brightest in this room, shades of pink also exude a soft glow creating a unisex balance. Notice that gender neutral children's rooms feature neutral prints like animals instead of airplanes or butterflies. 

Earthy children's room

The green room has an earthy feel to it and the design is slightly mature yet playful with the popping lion rug on the floor. The room creates a natural and neutral sort of ambiance where he or she can just be natural. Nature knows best. 

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Gender neutral children's room

Neeras Kids Room homify Nursery/kid's room

Neeras Kids Room


The colors green and yellow dominate this room but with a subdued hue, creating a relaxed but happy vibe. While the wall mural features some interesting artwork of a tree and birds, giving off a neutral feel.

This gender neutral children's room is designed by Neeras Design Studio, interior designers and decorators based in Chennai. 

Creative children's room

This gender neutral children's room allows children to express their individuality with a large blackboard wall and a neutral palette. This design creates a child's bedroom that is a safe place where the child can imagine, play and express himself or herself. 

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