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16 terraces that spoil you for choice

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The focal point of most homes are the interiors and all things ground level! We, at homify, decided to take that to the next level. That's right, we're talking about accentuating the aesthetic of your home slightly above ground level. It's time to take things up a notch, by accentuating the aesthetic of your home, and we're starting right at the top. 

With these 16 ideas for a terrace, you're going to be spoiled for choice. 

1. A shady little haven

Rather than focusing on the sun shine's with no hay to lay on, how about we twist this story up a bit? Deck up your terrace with plants and thatched roofs so that you can enjoy the sunshine and the shade. 

2. Corner stone

Why let those corners go to waste, when you can, for a fact, deck them with a blanket of greenery. All you need to do is ensure that you trim the blanket, lest you end up with way more than you settled for. Plain old balcony chairs or furniture can be used to soak in on the serenity. 

3. Minimal, but effective

Simple elements when combined together, can leave a lasting impact as is the case of this next terrace. A couple of relaxing chairs with the view of the great outdoors can be only made better with some greenery to look you in the eye. 

4. Moonlight dinner, anyone?

Set up your own dining area in the terrace with a simple picnic table and chairs. You will find good company in potted plants lining the borders of your terrace. 

5. A cozy little nook

A plain old rocking chair that comes with promises of a peep at the morning sky can be all you really need to kick start your day. Pair this up with decor of your choice and let the reveling begin!

6. How much is too much?

The more plants you can incorporate in the terrace, the better, because the more the merrier, right? You can go for a variety of plants rather than sticking to a single species. 

7. That view though :)

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this picture is a testament to that. Accompany these stellar views with the comfort of an armchair and your favorite drink for the ultimate experience. 

8. Sail away

The midday sun favors no one in particular. This is precisely why if you're looking to escape it while enjoying lunch on the terrace you need some protection. There's nothing handier than a pergola or umbrella to do just that. 

Deck up your terrace with some fancy decor. 

9. Picture perfect

If recluse runs high on your list of priorities at the end of the day, then here's the perfect view to befriend! A simplistic replica of your living room when copied and pasted a few levels above can bring you peace like none other. 

10. In continuum with the rest of the house

While terraces seem to lose the connectivity with the rest of the house, this one doesn't, simply because it is an extension of the house. A simple extension to carry forward in the terrace when teamed up with potted plants is indeed the perfect picture. 

11. Star gazing

There is no limit on the levels that you can attain when it comes to decorating the terrace. Place a bed or simply a mattress on the terrace so you can watch as the sky transitions from dusk to dawn or perhaps the other way around.

12. Portable kitchen

We've covered dining rooms, living rooms and of course bedrooms, which leaves us with just one more room- the kitchen! Rather than cooking indoors, you can take things up a notch by cooking atop your lovely home. 

13. The higher the better

This is no terrace, but nonetheless comes with the stellar views that we know terraces can bring. Simpy grab a chair and befriend the beautiful plants lined up in your balcony for the best experience. 

14. For the recluse

If company isn't exactly what you signed up for, then this terrace is the perfect friend. With nothing but the breeze, fresh air, greenery and your thoughts, this line up is simply complete. 

Let's go green with these terrace ideas!

15. Matters of the lawn

A simple carpet or lawn can be outstretched along the entirety of your terrace if you wish. The perks? Your very own garden right on the terrace with a view of all that's around. Now that's a good bargain, don't you think?

16. Petite and warm

A dining area and kitchen tucked away in the perfect corner for you to feast to your heart's content! 

Here are more rooftop terrace ideas for you. 

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