8 home decor ideas from a beautiful home

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Interior architecture, design and decor trends are constantly changing. So, to keep up, you need to be aware of the latest in home decor and design. This beautiful residence in India will give you just that, with its lavish use of white, sleek and trendy furniture and tasteful use of wood for warmth. Clever storage solutions and cosy textiles also add to the visual and sensual appeal of this home. Credit goes to the interior architects at Nihle Ic Mimarlik.

1. Stunning entrance

Your entrance is that part of your house that impresses guests first. Hence, you must ensure that it is bright and attractive. Take a cue from this entrance rendered in bright white and slender lines and a hint of wood. The mirror panels on the closet in front enhance the feeling of spaciousness while the rug adds colour here.

2. Niches that serve many functions

Sleek wall niches like the ones shown here are ideal for storing odds and ends or displaying collectibles in style. Glass and neat wooden lines add to the grace of the environment.

3. White kitchen with pops of colour

This ultramodern kitchen is very spacious and amply lit. Dominated by white, it looks refreshing, while the black fridge and the yellow chairs lend spunk to the space.

4. Stylish kitchen cabinets

Instead of all uniform cabinets, the architects decided to combine traditional cabinets with ones that have glass shutters and neat black shelves that are open. Hence, an interesting look is achieved without compromising on storage power.

5. Rug as focus

This luxurious living room boasts of a classic style with elegant sofas and charming coffee tables. The drapes are also old world and beautiful. But what steals the show and lends contrast is the rug on the floor.

6. A very soothing bedroom

Soft pastel hues make this spacious bedroom very soothing and relaxing. The striped wallpaper looks contemporary while the purple rug adds colour here.

7. Glass walls for the shower stall

Clear glass walls can not only separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom effectively, but also make for a spacious feel. Plus, contrasting hues like cream and brown add lots of depth and contrast to a bathroom.

8. Choosing accessories

The right accessories can make a world of difference to your home decor. For instance, the classic vibe of this residence comes out through the golden table fan and the pretty pendant lights.  

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