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11 clever kitchen storage ideas for small Indian homes

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If your home is quite small, then so is your kitchen, and kitchen storage is usually a hassle, but if the kitchen is well designed and planned it shouldn't be a problem. These 11 simple yet effective storage ideas are sure to upgrade your small kitchen in no time, and they're easy to implement as well! Let's take a look at these helpful hints to keep your home neat and tidy.

1. Glass containers for food storage

Invest in some nice-looking glass containers which you can store food in and keep at hand's reach near the cooking area or wherever you need it the most.

2. Just enough cupboards

Ensure you have just enough kitchen cupboards for all your storage needs. Too many cupboards will just take up unneccessary space and make the kitchen feel crowded.

3. Wall mounted shelving

A small kitchen can look a lot more spacious, warm and welcoming with wall mounted shelves to store all those crockery items you use everyday.

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4. Large grocery cupboard

Many families prefer to do a monthly big shopping and buy loads of food that they can store for long periods of time like tinned foods.  However, this often leads to a messy kitchen, but it's nothing a large grocery cupboard with plenty of shelves can't solve. 

5. Check for expired food items every 2 weeks

Many times expired food items sit around in shelves for ages, taking up precious kitchen storage space. Also, you don't want fresh vegetables rotting in the fridge, causing a mess and stinking up the whole space. To prevent this from happening, do a two-weekly check of your fridge and grocery cupboard. 

6. Optimize the kitchen walls for storage

The kitchen walls are an organisational asset, so use them to store cutlery, knives and even include extra shelving for those items you would like to put on display in your kitchen to give it more personality. 

7. Clever pull-out shelves

Those hard to reach items at the back of the cupboard will now be easier to reach with these clever pull-out shelves.

8. Hang what you can

Hang what you can basically means hang everything that has a handle or means of doings so like mugs and even kitchen utensils. There are all sorts of quirky wall hooks you can attach to the wall, you can even find some chic vintage wall hooks to add more character to your kitchen. 

9. Get rid of extras

We've all been there, but three tin openers, five corkscrews and two whisks are one too many. So get rid of all the extras that you don't need. Perhaps you could have a kitchen party and invite your friends over so you could swap different kitchen items. Also make sure you discard broken and unusable items to make more space in the kitchen. 

10. Niches in the wall

Niches in the wall can be a sensational alternative to ordinary shelving. However, if you still prefer shelving, here are some modern wooden shelves to make in your house.

11. Make use of the corners

Just because you have a corner in your kitchen, it doesn't mean you need to lose precious kitchen storage space, instead go for a personalised drawer like the one pictured here and make your kitchen creative again.

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Which kitchen storage ideas do you like best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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