Choosing the Perfect Sofa for a Small Living Room

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Your living room is where you receive guests, unwind after a long day, maybe watch a movie or simply relax and leaf through a good book. It is that nook of the house where you “live”, in so many different ways! And the way you furnish it, speaks volumes about who you are and what you want to be. Picking the right sofa is one such crucial aspect, particularly if you have a small living room to work with.

There are countless styles, designs, shapes, sizes and colours available for sofas nowadays. But before you start shopping, it is important to understand which one will be ideal for your needs and preferences. When space is precious, any furniture you introduce should be smart, functional, aesthetically appealing and should not overwhelm the room.

So before buying a sofa, keep in mind these factors – how you want to use your living room, how many guests you might entertain at a time, what sofa colour and style will complement the look of your home’s interior, and of course your budget.

1. The beauty of a corner sofa

In a small living room, it’s a good idea to try and make the most of every bit of space you can get. So a corner sofa or an L-shaped sofa doesn’t just utilize space efficiently but also offers seating for many. It can act as a focal point for the room and allow you to include other chairs, couches or stools when you are hosting a large gathering. The image above shows, how a corner sofa with bright, colourful upholstery and cushions can infuse life in a room. It can also subtly demarcate where the living room ends and another area of your house begins.

2. A bed sofa is so versatile

Well, the name says it all! Take a look at the bed sofa by Gamamobel, furniture and accessories designer from Valencia, Spain. It is sleek, stylish, futuristic, and blends seamlessly with the ambiance of the room. When you use it as a sofa, no one will guess that it can be transformed into a bed. But if a friend or relative is staying over, it will assume the role of an inviting bed in a jiffy! Bed sofas are ideal when living room space is scanty or you don’t have a guest room.

3. A two-seater sofa is timeless

Bespoke sofa Camouflage Modern living room

Bespoke sofa


When in doubt, go for a traditional and elegant two-seater sofa for your living room. You can always arrange chairs or ottomans around it when you are expecting many visitors. In the picture above, note how the sofa has been positioned in front of the French doors, to add to its beauty. Cushions in various sizes or patterns enhance the cosiness quotient.  

Two-seater sofas usually leave a bit of space in the corner of a living room. Use it to set up a small corner table, a decorative item or a fancy lamp.

4. Wing chairs for sheer comfort

A wing chair is essentially a high-backed easy chair or club chair, with wing-like extensions stretching to the armrests. It effectively protects the head and torso regions of the person sitting in it, from cold drafts. Over time, wing chairs have undergone slight changes in the finishing, but the basic design still remains the same. The height, depth and exact shape although, may vary from one chair to another.

The chairs in the above image stand out, owing to their bold upholstery with stunning geometric prints. They are also extremely comfy, welcoming and exude a uniquely modern feel. If you are not too keen about a conventional sofa set in your living area, then these are cool options you can consider.

5. How about a chaise lounge?

Originally, a chaise lounge referred to a long, upholstered sofa with backrest only on one side. But today it is often used to identify any reclining chair, long enough to rest your legs. Pictured above is a modern chaise lounge with a smart headrest and a shape that adjusts wonderfully to the posture of your body.

If your living room is a place where you let your hair down, and don’t generally have a lot of guests coming over, then a chaise lounge can be ideal. You can place it adjacent to a bookshelf, so that you can pick a book without getting up. Also, if space permits, surround the chaise with puffs, stools or wing chairs for more seating options.

6. Get comfy with puffs

HI-PLY Bed - ELFO Ottoman - COMRI Chest of drawers - IO E TE Sidetables - NUMERO 3 Floor lamp CASAMANIA HORM FACTORY OUTLET Country style bedroom

HI-PLY Bed—ELFO Ottoman—COMRI Chest of drawers—IO E TE Sidetables—NUMERO 3 Floor lamp


Soft and plush seating for living room can be very affordably achieved through puffs as pictured above. They take up less space, can be arranged and rearranged with ease and are best suited for a laidback setting. Some of them may have a more chair-like shape if you are going for a structured look.

Pick puffs in vibrant and interesting fabrics for visual appeal. Other furniture such as ottomans, low stools or beanbags can be combined with them when your friends visit. Make sure that the coffee table is also low so that the person sitting on a puff can access it easily.

7. Customise your sofa

MILOS Sofa - IO E TE Sidetable - NUMERO 3 Floorlamp CASAMANIA HORM FACTORY OUTLET Country style balcony, veranda & terrace

MILOS Sofa—IO E TE Sidetable—NUMERO 3 Floorlamp


Not finding what you are looking for? Or want to lend a personal touch to your living room furnishing? Then you can either request a manufacturer to specially design a sofa for you, or simply re-upholster a sofa according to your tastes. Feel free to experiment with patterns like floral, paisley, tribal, checks or stripes when it comes to choosing the fabric. Cushions in bright, contrasting shades as shown above, can add a hint of pizzazz!

Last but not the least; avoid big chunky sofas when the living room is small. Position it carefully so that you don’t keep bumping into it while moving around. Selecting the right upholstery material is also vital. For instance, white suede looks beautiful, but is very difficult to maintain. On the other hand, dark leather is more long lasting.

Hope you found our ideas helpful. Here is another ideabook to get your creative juices flowing – Furniture Ideas for a Stunning Living Room.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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