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Once again, architects Aquiles Nicolas Kilaris presents a pleasant variation of curved forms in this architectural marvel—Casa Imperador. This house would appear solid without the judicious use of the crescent form in the balcony and the light façade in the front. It is grand. It is solid. It denotes wealth and a luxurious Spanish style of living that only a few can enjoy. Casa Imperador is for the imperious few who like to live in style, really royal Spanish country style surrounded by wealth and grandeur. Let's walk through this marvelous abode and sooth our eyes. 

Spanish grandeur

The Casa Imperador mimics the residence of a southern Spanish villa  with its wide open crescent shaped balconies on each side, extra large glass windows looking out to a lovely view and dressed in wide glass frontage. It feels like a classic castle but the use of glass creates that feeling of airy openness from the outside and inside. It is traditional in conception, but modern in execution as can be seen when you step inside.

The heavenly living room

The curved flowing ceiling with recessed lights is what catches your eye when you step inside this haven. Looking into the living space from this distance, at first appears a bit dark. However, an extra tall glass from the front and sides with white drapes floods the room with enough light. The almost straight lines are beautifully harmonised by the integration of a curved staircase with its curved metal railing, a bucket sofa chair and palm fronds are reminiscent of the sea and surf, typically Spanish.

Sophistication redifined

Here again, the sweeping crescent continues on the ceiling with hidden recessed lights, reinforced by the flowing staircase that draws you in to follow its path. Glass at the back with full natural daylight flooding the interior creates an aura of spaciousness. Use of dark chairs around a large and spacious dining table creates a cosy atmosphere. Vitreous glazed floor tiles reflect light from above and from the behind, underscored by the highly polished table top. The overall atmosphere is one of relaxed and refined sophistication carried forward to the kitchen area.

An exotic kitchen

A kitchen need not be closed in and surrounded by walls as seen here. One side has sliding glass windows to make you feel close to nature outside as you cook and prepare food on the elegant, polished surfaces of the countertop. Discreet use of a glass vase with yellow and orange flowers adds a touch of colour to the ensemble. Smart use of space results in clean lines yet with ample space to store a variety of culinary equipment under the counter. It is light that transforms this kitchen into an exotic cooking space. Light plays a crucial role in the bedroom too.

Innovative space

Muted colours are restful to the eyes, a principle employed for a calm effect and further supported by the use of indirect lighting. There are pools of bright light but, the overall atmosphere is restful and calming to the senses. The architects have been very innovative to convert a normal bedroom into a stylish teenager's room as shown here.  

Aquiles Nicolas Kilaris excels in creating architecture with personality and a distinctive style, each creation is unique yet with a common architectural vocabulary flowing from the outside to the inside. Do checkout this architecture ideabook for more ideas and inspiration - A modern house with a touch of simplicity

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