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Aquiles Nicolas Kilaris, the renowned architects from Brazil, certainly do not lack ideas when it comes to designing exclusive homes for people who wish to live in style. The Casa de Serra is just one of their magnificent creations carrying forward their signature flowing lines style embodied in curtain glass facades.  Modern in concept and styling, each case from the design studios of Nicolas Kilaris excels in the depth of detail, sophistication of design and a harmonious blend of elements outside as well as inside. The superbly impressive exterior is just a hint of what is to follow when you step inside this home. Let's begin the tour..

A grand sweeping curve

Casa de Serra carries the trademark Nicolas design style in the exterior: a grand sweeping curve on the façade from one end to the other culminating in a point at the top. It sweeps over the glass front resulting in a beautiful rhythmic facade. The first floor has an extensive balcony with metal railings further reinforcing the feeling of spaciousness. The curved design element is repeated in the patio highlighted by potted plants, curved lines to the driveway and along the compound wall as well.

Exotic living space

Extensive glass in the front and sides mark this living space with its use of a plush sofa in elegant beige shades. Curved lines in the ceiling pair well with the form of the space, creating a soothing and calming effect. The small potted plants in the living space bring in a natural touch to the space otherwise dominated mainly by shades of white and brown.

Dining space

From this angle, the spacious living space is well separated from the dining area with its glass topped tables carrying yellow flowers in steel containers. Tan for the chairs, off white for the wavy ceiling and dark brown for the sofas create a warm atmosphere, elegant and refined. Use of vitreous tiling makes the space feel light and spacious.

A charming ceiling

This large glass topped rectangular dining table and beige dining chairs are softened by the use of circular mats on whom rest bouquets of yellow flowers. The round pillar brings in a sense of verticality, a perfect contrast to the wavy ceiling with its free flowing forms and organic curves.The central ceiling light with round bulbs and hanging transparent globes add a point of interest, well complemented by the potted palms in tall containers at the far end of the room. The overall atmosphere is light and airy, next lets have a look at the kitchen.

Revolutionary kitchen

Curves in the ceiling and lights placed in a semi-circular pattern match the overall straight lines of the countertop and working area dressed in dark colours. The light and dark shades are brought alive by the use of deep red for the counter cupboards. The impressive white cabinets attached to the wall definitely steal the show!

Aquiles Nicolas Kilaris are certainly trend-setting architects in Brazil with revolutionary design concepts translated to sumptuous reality in each of their home creations. Would you like to see another unique home design? If yes, then have a look at this container home - An eco friendly approach to living

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