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Rust, the Design Studio from Rajkot have created an exceptionally contemporaneous weekend villa project outside Rajkot city. The interiors reflect plush luxury at its acme, a perfect example of Western concepts transplanted into Indian buildings with care. For the asking price of Rs. 36,00,000, relatively cheap as compared to other city standards, you get a fairly spacious villa, outfitted with the latest amenities and fully furnished with the latest styles. Weekend villas are targeted at exclusive people desirous of spending some time in peace in a haven of their own located far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Let's take a tour of this residential abode and get inspired! 

The Dark modern vintage look

Darker shades set the tone for this totally modern dining space with its tan coloured walls, providing a perfect backdrop for the mahogany shaded dining table and upright chairs. It would feel closed if were it not for the staircase at the far end, and spaces around the table for free movement. Lighting adds that touch of comfort to this elegant interior, highlighted by the red mat with candle lamps that cast a nice warm glow. The vintage chandelier above is perfectly positioned to cast sparkles of light further reinforced by spots along the wall highlighting the glass frontage, an indicator of the prevailing theme highlighted in the living room.

Warm setting

The living room is a picture of warmth, with soft lighting, plush sofas and dark coloured wood adorning its surfaces. A Buddha statue faces the entrance to signify good fortune and a branch placed artistically along one wall is the perfect design element of this almost minimalist room.

Light shades in the kitchen

The kitchen is elegant and functional, a mix of just the right elements in the shape of a smooth, granite topped counter with drawers underneath, an exhaust above, cupboards alongside the walls and a window with a grill. As in the other rooms, this space is also two tone: light shades of cream and ochre contrasting with the mahogany door and paneling. What makes it stylish is the minimalist appearance with judicious lighting that creates a pleasant workplace. 

Under the bed lighting

The architect has opted for indirect and novel lighting for the bedroom, the highlight of which is a large bed set in the corner with under the bed and behind the bed lighting to cast a nice warm glow upwards. Lighting transforms an otherwise ordinary and spare but neat bedroom into an exotic place where one can relax. Under the bed lighting is enhanced by the use of vitreous tiles to give that touch of exclusive class and style as can be seen in the corridor and landing as well.

Against the light

If the lights under the bed attract and enchant, the corridor and staircase landing with similar concealed lighting soften the rigid straight lines. A uniform theme of dark against light prevails throughout the classic contemporary villa.   

Rust, the Design Studio, excel in contemporary designs carefully crafting living spaces and presenting a sense of exclusive style in their creations. If you liked this home tour, here's another stunning architecture ideabook on a home built from geometric shapes - The geometric house with a human touch

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