10 interior design ideas to transform your home

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Often, we think that only a major renovation would make your home look better. We look and then get discouraged and even have the desire to move from homes so we do not have to deal with any stressful and expensive reforms. 

But in many cases, all that is missing is a particular touch, a change here, another here, an ornament there. At least, until you have the time and money for a bigger undertaking. They are the so-called great little changes that can transform the house without so much investment or commitment, but that have a renewal effect.  For example, have you thought about rearranging the décor of your living room by the rules of Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of harmonizing environments? Or choose a wall to paint in an unusual and stimulating color?  On the other hand, you can just get rid of everything that is left in the kitchen, or rearrange the wardrobe in a different way. Other times, it's enough to buy new bedding, change the curtains , bring nature into the house, or change the picture frames. In short, small gestures realizable with little time and little money, but that will leave your house in a state of grace.  Follow our suggestions and get inspired for new ideas and new changes!

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1. Paint a wall in a different and unusual color

A very easy and inexpensive way to make an impact is to paint one of the walls of your living room, dining room or bedroom in a different and unusual color. The result will be a vibrant and stimulating environment, depending on the color, it can give more prominence to pictures, photographs, furniture and sculptures. But remember that in the bedroom, the colors should be softer and more relaxing so you can have a good night's sleep. The  kitchen is another room that looks good with strong colors, like yellow, for example. Or maybe a slab wall for a fun touch? For more ideas about which type of colour will look best, you can refer to our article titled '15 colours to paint the walls of your house (so they look sensational)'.

2. Rearrange your living room with Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an age-old oriental technique for the harmonization of environments. The believe is that it is possible to manipulate the energy of the home in order to eliminate negative energies and stimulate the positive energies. Each part of the house will correspond to an area of life and therefore have that area working well. Various measures should be taken in the arrangement of furniture, objects, plants, and appliances. 

In this living room, Feng Shui appears in the symmetry of objects and furniture that appear in pairs, in the use of light colors or soft tones of blue, in the choice of wood for furniture and flooring, among other things. Find out more about Feng Shui and learn how to clear problem areas and enhance favored areas with our article titled 'how to apply Feng Shui in interior design?'

3. Buy an incredible piece of furniture

Sometimes all that is missing is a beautiful piece of furniture to get the attention of the guests. It can be modern, rustic, industrial, Scandinavian, minimalist, classical, eclectic—it does not matter. All that matters is that you are enchanted and motivated with the object. If you can, highlight the piece with light features so that it is the center of the decoration. Try combining it with other complementary objects or with plants and flowers, and take pleasure in enjoying this gift you are giving yourself. 

4. Get rid of the useless things in your kitchen

Anyone who enjoys cooking, usually tends to consequently accumulate a thousand and one things that is not needed. What about doing a very generous sorting and separating the best pieces so that they can be offered as a gift to close friends instead of being discarded? Then you will see that the kitchen has become much more organised, practical and spacious, creating free space for new gadgets and utensils that you do not have yet. For more tips on how to get your kitchen organised, you can refer to our article titled '5 ways to optimize storage in a small Indian kitchen!'

5. Replace the bathroom curtains

If your bathroom still has stained curtains in the tub, replace them with new ones quite different from the one that is still there. You can also change the rug in front of the bathtub, with colors and patterns matching the curtains. You will see that the bathroom will gain a new face, plus relaxation. You can find more romantic or delicate models that will give a special touch to your bathroom. Remember that bathroom curtains, far from outdated, have a nice charm that makes the bathroom a place with a retro and unique character.

6. Let nature come into your house

Do you want a house full of life and beauty? Then, let nature in, in all environments. Colorful flower vases on the dining room table and center table, floral arrangements on dressers and baskets of flowers from the field in the kitchen, shrubs and small trees in the corners of the rooms, even a small garden under the staircase and the entrance outside. And if you have space for a big garden, indulge in landscaping and make the place a place of relaxation and contemplation. Your home will be much fresher and organic, and everyone will enjoy it.

7. Swap frames

A very radical idea is to completely change the pictures in your room. If you have prints, exchange them for photographs or lithographs. Harmonize the frames and do not forget the composition. But you still have another option: change the frames of your old and dear pictures. Of course, everything will look new, and if you have a colored wall against the pictures, one suggestion is to change the color of the wall as well. It's true that we cling to our things the way they are, but here the solution to change is so practical and easy that it's worth trying. 

8. Invest in a trousseau for the jaw-dropping room

There is so much going on, so many things to do, repairs and extra expenses that we always put off that dream of having amazing bedding that will finally make your bed a place for dreams and relaxation. This is wrong! The strategy is to buy one or two pieces a month, composing a beautiful bedding. At the end of a few months, you will have all new bedding, beautiful, romantic or sophisticated!

9. Rearrange your wardrobe

One thing that will make a lot of difference is giving away as many clothes, shoes and accessories as possible. After that, there will be space in your closet for new pieces and to organize the existing pieces, which can be arranged by color, by type of dress, by work and walking clothes or by season clothes. You can be sure that your wardrobe will gain a new face and more: you will get new clothes that you had forgotten you had!  To rearrange the wardrobe is to enter Ali Baba's cave and leave with hidden treasures. 

We hope you've been inspired to bring small changes to your home with the ideas here. 

Which makeover idea for your home do you like best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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