30 pictures of beautiful headboards for your bedroom

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One of the easiest and most interesting way to give your bedroom a face lift, is to highlight the head of the bed. Whatever be the shape, colour, or material, a beautiful headboard can add life to a dull and drab room. You can choose from classic passed headboards to the strong and beautiful wrought iron ones. So, when choosing the bed for your room, go in for one that has a dashboard. Not only do they look decorative but also have a practical function. These headboards provide support to our backs and heads. And, yes the implementation of this element, creates a beautiful contrast in the room. However, it is important that to take measurements of the bed, if you are adding a headboard at a later stage.

Today, we take you through 30 headboards – each of them beautiful and stunning in their own way. These headboards adapt seamlessly to different styles, and can breathe a change in your bedroom décor.

1. Smooth panel with geometric patterns

2. LED lights on a basic dry wall relief

4. Laminated wood for the wall as well as headboard

5. Overlays- Headboard in white, with a layer of geometric paper

6. Vertical lines that run the entire height of the wall

7. Subtle wrought iron headboard for an eclectic touch

8. Classic headboard with a metal structure

9. Padding in beige

10. Padded headboard that covers the entire width

11. Classic black panel with extensions

12. Two header pattern covered in fabric

13. Classic header panel with a painting above

14. Wall to wall padding with LED lights

16. Headboard with storage place

17. The classic headboard in whites

18. Headboard extensions – A regal touch

19. Arm chair designed headboard

20. A simple yet elegant headboard with bedside tables

21. Super classic- headboard in two planes

22. A modern headboard with LED installations

23. A headboard that doubles as a panel and decorative canvas

24. Headboard framed in luxury wallpaper

25. Padded in a modern look

26. Lacquered headboard from wall to wall

27. Classic style with relief and contrasting edges

29. Padded in white with a mirror on top

Which of these ideas appealed to you most? Share your comments below.

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