20 fantastic ideas to renew the headboard of your bed

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The bedroom is, by far, the most suitable space in the house where we can put our personality on display. It’s a room that is meant for rest and should constitute a perfect environment in which we can let the imagination fly and create a magical space for sleep and relaxation. The bed is one of the most significant elements in the decoration of a modern bedroom, and consequently, the headboard is a fundamental piece to achieve the unique intimacy and style that one wants in the room. 

Whether it’s the style, the materials or the shapes, any detail is welcome to give the headboard a unique appeal. Functionality does not have to be at odds with the aesthetics. The headboard of the bed offers innumerable possibilities, so why not take advantage of it?

In this ideabook, we want to take you through a tour of the most wonderful options we have seen, to provide you with inspiration for renewing the headboard of your bed.

1. Niches to decorate

One of the most popular trends in interior design and decoration is the use of niches. We see them often in lounges, hallways or corridors, but they are also a perfect alternative to give your bedroom unique character. The minimalist beauty of this headboard is achieved with a niche located in the wall behind the bed, providing an original space to place all kinds of decorative objects.

2. A headboard with shelves

Maintaining order is one of the main concerns that everyone has while designing a bedroom, so, it does not hurt to have elements that help to guarantee it or, at least, improve the ability to keep the bedroom organized. This original headboard has a shelf that extends beyond the spatial limits of the bed, creating a backdrop on which it is possible to integrate almost anything, including practical wall sconces to improve the lighting of the room.

3. The landscape as a headboard

Windows provide spaces with a unique luminosity but, in addition, they allow views of the exterior. The landscape outside the windows can be used as the headboard of the bed. Of course, do not forget to install good curtains, blinds or shutters to avoid prying eyes that may detract from the privacy of your  bedroom.

4. An original wallpaper

Wallpaper is a common resource for the design of walls in any room. This type of covering offers the possibility of providing the bedroom with an unconventional element, as can be seen in this image, where the wallpaper occupies the entire wall destined for the headboard of the bed.

5. Furniture with pallets

Using recycled wood or pallets to add personality to your furniture is a very fashionable alternative in the world of interior decoration. The bedroom does not escape this trend that results in the creation of very attractive pieces. A bed with its base and headboard made of pallets is one of the main attractions of this room. In addition, you can add a touch of colour to adapt the design to your bedroom’s style.

6. For the romantics

Textiles are a feature that can give the bedroom a  romantic feel. They can be used as part of the decoration of the headboard of your bed to add texture and colour. Their lightness brings a very characteristic charm to this headboard, combining soft tones with stronger ones to reinforce the seductive look.

7. Decorative vinyl

If the idea of using wallpaper on the entire wall does not appeal to you, but you are open to the possibility of adding small nuances to the walls, why not use decorative vinyl? They come in a multitude of shapes, colours and patterns with which you can add a highlight to the headboard of your bed.

8. A photo gallery

An effortless way to give the area of the headboard a unique aesthetic is to use it as a gallery. A photographic series arranged over the headboard will make your bedroom attractive, and you can always take advantage of it to treasure memories that give the space an unmatched intimacy.

9. Relaxing colours

If we consider that the bedroom is a space designed for relaxation, the choice of colours is a fundamental decision. The mood of the prevailing atmosphere in the bedroom depends on it, so if you are thinking about renewing the headboard of the bed, do not forget that light or relaxing colours tend to inspire calmness.

10. The versatility of wood

Materials are another key point you should consider for giving a new look to your bedroom by focusing attention on the headboard of the bed. In this room, the wood gives the room a unique warmth, and you can always opt for unusual shapes, as in this design, to add an element of originality to the area.

11. Play with contrasts

Although light tones are the most appropriate to create relaxing atmospheres, there is nothing to prevent adding attractiveness to the design of the bedroom with interesting contrasts. A simple idea to achieve this can be seen in this example, where white dominates the furniture and a good part of the room, but the design takes advantage of the wall at the head of the bed to create a most striking contrast.

12. Messages on the wall

Here is another example of the possibilities offered by decorative vinyl. Beyond shapes and motifs, you can include an inspiring message on the wall reserved for the headboard. You can enjoy seeing it every morning and night.

13. Full of colour

Are you one of those who do not like to conform to conventional designs? Give a fun air to the design of your bedroom by making the headboard of your bed an explosion of colour. This wall decorated with coloured circles with letters matches the cushions of the bed to present a most daring design.

14. For classic appeal

Some people say that the bedroom is our kingdom, so how about transferring some royal aesthetic to the design of the headboard of the bed? If you are a fan of the classic style, this proposal will be the most inspiring.

15. Zen inspiration

The use of stones is common in the design of gardens and zen spaces. In the bedroom, you can get a very original design by transferring some oriental inspiration by using stone for the headboard of your bed. How about it?

16. Much more than a headboard

If you are one of those who cannot sleep without first giving in to the pleasure of reading a good book, then it is best to turn the head of your bed into a library. This way, you will have all your favourite titles within reach, while you give your bedroom an out-of-the-ordinary aesthetic.

17. Go big!

Who said that a headboard of the bed should be limited to certain dimensions? Until now, we have seen different options that play with colour and materials, so why not add size to the myriad of alternatives? This design is a great choice!

18. A padded headboard

As with textiles, padded headboards can add texture and elegance to the design of the bedroom. This example highlights the aesthetic of the headboard by incorporating LED lights over the headboard.

19. Perfect lighting

If the headboard of your bed has generous dimensions, use it as a support to complete the lighting of your room. Some sconces like those chosen for this bedroom contribute to the artificial lighting with which you can create different moods in the same space.

20. Splashed with colour

The last of our proposals has to do with the game of contrasts, about which we spoke previously. Against the wall, the headboard of the bed can also help you to create an environment with contrasts of light and dark that bring so much personality to the bedroom. 

Did you find these ideas inspiring? If you have a small budget, get tips on designing a beautiful bedroom with little money.

Which of these ideas will you use in your bedroom? Let us know in the comments.

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