10 pictures of window grills for Indian homes

homify Mediterranean style windows & doors
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Windows are an introduction to the world beyond. They are an invincible part of any home since it brings in air, sunlight, views, sounds that could be music to ears or noise to irritate, weather… inside the house to make and keep it fresh and vibrant. More the windows better ventilated is the home. Moreover, windows allow the owner to show their creativity and decorate it. Designing the right kind of windows with protective grills can make a whole lot of difference in the overall appearance of room from inside and protection of the house from outside. In Indian homes we need grills for protection from theft, birds and animals, or simply for the security of our beloved family. Here are 10 awesome window grill designs for you. Pick the one you like the most and enjoy the view.

​1. Imperial touch

The curvy shape and arty works especially on the last bars is giving a regal touch to this wrought iron window grill. Though the bars are hanging in the air but it will surely provide some extra protection from any unwanted intruder. The grills are ready to deliver its duty with great elegance and vigour.

​2. Creative decoration

FERFORJE LAZER KESİM BİNA KAPILARI, Teknik Metal Ferforje Teknik Metal Ferforje Classic style windows & doors

The best thing about metal is that it can be moulded, bended, twisted and turned to give any desirable shape of your dream to make it arty and amazing. Window grills with lots of intricate work though is a bit old school, but then we all love to hold on to and cherish the memories from our childhood or from the golden era when everything elaborate was in vogue.

​3. Vertically urban

Volumetrias que espelham modernidade , Ruschel Arquitetura e Urbanismo Ruschel Arquitetura e Urbanismo Modern windows & doors

Huge windows bring in more than sufficient sun and air. It opens to our beautiful surrounding and vast view of the nature. Just cover the plain glass windows with vertical bars, dense on the lower part of windows, fewer rods in the middle and no bars at the top like it is done here.

​4. The monkey climber

casaMEZQUITE, BAG arquitectura BAG arquitectura Modern windows & doors Iron/Steel Black

It’s a playful design which the children of the house will love. Don’t be surprised if it raises the child hidden within the adults. Asymmetric steps in grill are quite tempting and inviting to climb on it.

5. Squares within the rectangles

美しい格子戸, 有限会社種村建具木工所 有限会社種村建具木工所 Classic style windows & doors

Shapes are interestingly attractive. Square grills in rectangle windows provide extra protection and articulate beauty into the space.

​6. Picture perfect

homify Mediterranean style windows & doors

The colonial style window grill is charming. It’s a simple non-fussy design with grills moving along with the window shape and fitting perfectly into it. It is elegant!

​7. Beehive on the windows

Elegant Bathroom Casa Più Arredamenti elegant bathroom

Beehive design will look good on the window and will be a better protection too. Imagine the pattern it will make inside the room during the days when sun is shining bright.

8. Lines and angles

SAN MARINO I BH, SZTUKA Laboratorio Creativo de Arquitectura SZTUKA Laboratorio Creativo de Arquitectura Eclectic style houses Grey

Normal is boring! So create a magic on the window with some zigzag lines and angles. Even your neighbours would appreciate if protection comes with some creative and beautiful design on the grills.

9. Jail bar in concrete

Chuck that metal and go for concrete if the theme of your home is rustic. You can’t be as creative or versatile with concrete as with metal. But still even with its obvious restriction and challenges in designing it, concrete grills will look amazing. You can opt for jali work or just go for simple bars. It depends on how much openness you want.

10. Wooden obsession

細脚のモガ ―house in HOUSE―, 一級建築士事務所 ヒモトタクアトリエ 一級建築士事務所 ヒモトタクアトリエ Asian style windows & doors

Accept it or not, we Indians love wood and everything made of wood especially when it comes to doors, windows and furniture of our home. Wooden frame is common. The extension of wood in the grills looks great and quite innovative. Wood is flexible and can be crafted into various designs.

Inspired and looking for more ideas, this ideabook will surely be helpful: 20 Stylish window bars for protection and aesthetics

Which of these ideas will you use for your windows? Let us know in the comments.

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