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When we welcome guests into our home, the first area they see is the entrance or hall. Making your entryway or hallway as beautiful as the rest of your home is incredibly important as it is the first impression you make when people come over. If you are looking to give your entryway a makeover, there are plenty of stylish Turkish-inspired ideas you can choose from – they are elegant and sure to give your home entrance a warm, welcoming look and feel. 

Here is a look at 14 home entry ideas you can check out for your home’s entrance:

1. Long and Narrow Elegance

f the entrance to your home is long and narrow, the first thing you want to do is make it look less plain. You can achieve this by adding a few decorative pieces of furniture such as antique tables or chest of drawers. This idea will add elegance and beauty to this area of your apartment or house.

As you can see, you do not have to settle for a plain, boring entrance. Make a great impression by creating an entryway or hallway that looks stylish and welcoming. All you need is a few right touches in this space – Turkish-inspired pieces will go a long way in creating a beautiful entrance that makes a stylish statement.

2. Sophisticated Light

 If you have a double-gated entrance, you can create a fascinating look with a few touches. Give your entrance a luxurious look with antique furnishings. Add sophistication by installing special lighting with a unique lamp or chandelier and a black table on one side of the wall with a few decorative items inspired by Turkey.

3. Black and White

Another great way to create a unique and beautiful entry is to give it strong contrast. You can do this by using black and white colours for the décor. First, add a large piece of coloured glass to a black door. Use white for the flooring to give the area some contrast and then give the space a few colourful touches, like red, to break the monotony.

4. Dominant Red

You can create a stunning entryway by painting your walls a deep, dark red. Pair this with a white main door and you will see a striking effect. For lighting, an orange light that reflects from the ceiling will make your entrance even more eye-catching.

5. Exotic Plants

Add green plants in the entrance to your home to create an exotic look reminiscent of Turkey. This will make your outdoor space as beautiful as the interior. A wooden door combined with the green plants, will create a cool, natural look.

6. Decorated Marble

A brilliant way to make your entrance look striking is to pair stark white walls with decorated marble flooring. Add antique décor with shades of blue, green and red, for instance, hanging lamps, to give the space some color and give it a Turkish touch. This is a simple idea that is sure to impress anyone who visits your home.

7. Decorative Furniture:

Is the door to your apartment or house a large one? You can use furniture to support it and add a decorative yet practical element. A console with a drawer in a bright color can complement a dark wooden door. Something as simple as this can give your entrance a whole new look.

8. Breezy Freshness

Nothing looks as good in any space as a fresh, breezy appearance. You can use this idea in your entryway too. You can combine white-coloured walls with carpet-free floors to create a fresh-looking entrance. This is a great design idea as it creates a feeling of comfort right at the door.

9. Gold Luxury

If you want to create a home that looks more like a saran, you will be happy to know that there are countless amazing ideas you can use. Give your monotonous entrance a look of luxury by adding gilded gold ornaments. This will create a palace-like look and feel to your home.

10. Majestic

To create a majestic entrance, you need to pay attention to the details you add to the area. A lot of glass and glittering surfaces can create a regal look in this part of your home. Make it even more impressive by adding rich details like eye-catching decorative pieces. You can be sure that guests will not be able to take their eyes of your gorgeous entryway.

11. Minimalistic Elegance

Not everyone likes an opulent look for their home. If you want something minimalistic and modern, the secret is to create simple, understated lines in this part of your home. Paint the entire area white and add a wall-mounted cupboard next to the door. It might sound simple, but the effect will be striking and modern.

12. Touches of Dark Wood

When you want a stylish, rich-looking entrance to your apartment or house, you cannot go wrong with using dark wood. This will create a mysterious and modern look in the area. Use the darkest tone of wood on everything from the door to the floor to the furniture. Contrary to looking dark and dingy, your entrance will look rich and sophisticated.

13. Dazzling Décor

Give your entrance a dazzling look by adding a few luxury touches. You do not have to do much here – just pick the decorative items carefully. The result will be far from the classic and your entryway will look modern with a touch of dazzle.

14. Fresh and Clear

Give your home a luxurious look with refreshing clarity. A great idea is to paint your front door white and install glass on its top and side. Give your walls a refreshed look with pale blue paint. The result will be a fresh, clear and elegant entryway.

Which of these ideas inspired you? Let us know in the comments below.

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