4 before and after pictures of stunning rooms

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Redecorating a space requires a lot of thought. It can be made even more difficult in case you are on a tight budget and cannot afford to go big on investments. However, you do not need massive changes to make the room look beautiful. The same can also be achieved with the help of small decorative touches. In today's ideabook, we are going to show you four sets of before and after pictures that prove this theory. Make sure that you get inspired by these images and apply the tips to your own home.

1. Before- an ordinary kitchen

In this first picture, we see an ordinary L-shaped kitchen. The space is designed with wooden cabinets and granite countertops which are commonly found in most houses. Also the size of the counter is small which makes it difficult to work in the area.

1.1. After- brighter and modern

After the redesigning of this particular space, it turned into a more bright and modern kitchen. The highlight of this room is the built-in appliances section along with the white and brown cabinetry. The designer used all the old cabinets to save money and make it more affordable for the owners.

2. Before- messy and crowded hall

By looking at this picture, we understand how dull and boring the living room was before the renovation. Apart from this the size of the couch also makes the area look smaller and messy.

2.2. After- refurbished and minimalist lounge

Once the area was redesigned, it turned into a refurbished living room that followed a minimalistic approach. All the decorative accessories are brand new but can still fit in one's budget. Also, the place now has enough natural light that flows within the area.

3. Before- a staircase area

Although this staircase is was multifunctional, but it still acquired a lot of floor space in the house. That is why it was essential to demolish it and use the area for something more important.

3.1. After- bedroom with balanced decoration

Once the staircase was removed, the designers were able to fit in a decent size bedroom within the available space. Also, the decoration of the room was kept balanced so that they could make its small area look spacious.

4. Before- terrace

Here we see an ordinary terrace which has been used to store extra items as well as a fabric drying rope. Although the floor and walls of this terrace have been lined with beautiful tiles, it still looks unwelcoming.

4.1. After- decorated with furniture

After the completion of this renovation project, you can see the significant transformation that the terrace received. By just adding a few pieces of furniture the area became fully usable and functional.

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