8 Plants to use for creating a shaded garden

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To better enjoy a home and ensure the quality of family life nothing is better than creating an outdoor space. All you need is a comfortable and attractive garden. Therefore, even a small area in the yard can be used for building a greenhouse. On top of everything, the living areas need to be comfortable, so having furniture to sit and relax is indispensable. 

If possible, you can also prepare a space for entertainment, such as a pool or a small barbecue gourmet kitchen. A beautiful landscaping can help you keep everything in touch with nature. Creating sunny and shaded areas is an excellent way to ensure the maximum comfort especially when the sun is too strong.

That is why in this ideabook we have decided to present you with eight pictures of plants that can provide your garden with shade.

1. Tropical climate

Palm trees are popular for reasons that go beyond their aesthetics as they create a unique tropical atmosphere. Also, they are the most chosen species to decorate the surroundings of swimming pools, mirrors of water or small artificial lakes. Another type present in the residential gardens is the foxtail palm, a medium to large species whose robust leaves generate comfortable shadows.

2. Typical trees

First of all, it is essential to have the help of a professional while choosing the most appropriate species for your garden. More so, as everything depends on the type of soil, region and amount of sunlight that the garden receives. To create shaded areas, the trees are the best solutions, thanks to their height. If you are building a house on a plot of land with trees, consider keeping them in the garden. In this case, the owners decided to preserve the existing ironwood.

3. Palm trees

One of the favorite species in the landscaping of Brazilian gardens are the palm trees. These trees exist in several types, sizes, and shapes. They are perfect for the most diverse gardens. Due to its versatility, areca palm is one of the most popular. Also, it can adapt to various types of soil. In addition, it is light and has an elegant appearance which is perfect for large or small garden beds.

4. Banana trees

Garden banana trees, called banana-ornamental or heliconia, also give a tropical aspect to the area. Recommended for sunny and hot climate regions, these plants have large, long and broad leaves. Thus creating a half-shaded environment that can be very pleasant.

5. Vertical garden

In the absence of space vertical gardens also have all the potential to shade the external areas, creating a cozy and comfortable area. However, it should be planted from a certain height so that it is possible to sit under the plants. Thus, once again it is recommended that the project be done by a landscape architect.

6. Diverse species

For gardening lovers, it is worth creating a garden with several species as the result is more exciting and dynamic. It ensures different shadows throughout the garden.

7. Pergolados

Another idea for those who can not use the soil to plant is to build a designer wooden pergola. These structures can completely transform the terrace. Also, they are even more charming with the presence of climbing plants as it generates, even more, shade under the arrangement.

8. Vines with flowers

Several types of vines can be planted in pergolas. The choice depends on the kind of environment you want to create. To make a more charming and romantic space, the species with flowers are excellent. The love-gras vine has pink flowers, bringing more vivacity to the outdoors.

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