17 inspiring ideas for balconies and gardens

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Balconies and gardens are perfect places for relaxation. With the weather conditions getting warmer, some arrangements and changes in the places can be made to make them more comfortable. In this post, there are various landscape models for gardens and furniture models for balconies you can check out. Check out the images and you can definitely draw inspiration from them and try implementing them in your homes.


The majority of people living in urban cities stay in apartments and flats. These are usually closed spaces. However, if you want to add natural elements to the space and make it look open, try using materials like wood, stone or straw. Use these elements in the furniture or in home décor and see the difference.


In this image, you can see the lovely seating arrangement, which can be used in the garden or in the patio. The round shape of the seating arrangement is what makes it all the more unique. The sea blue cushions on the seat to add to the glamour of the furniture. Another interesting feature of the setup is the object in a leaf—pattern on the wall. The total décor seems to be complete with this arrangement. The openness of the place adds to the overall beauty.


People who have a house with sea view are indeed blessed. For such a house having a whitewashed balcony is ideal for where a complete view of the sea can be obtained. The balcony looks complete with a white-coloured rattan sofa set and a matching table. Colourful cushions are the best ways to add color to the whole space.


You have no idea how a decorated garden path can change the entire look of a garden. An ordinary garden path can be made to look unique and extraordinary by implementing some aesthetic and creative design in it. Check out the example and you can understand well. Concrete stones are arranged in a patterned manner in the lawn, giving the place a new look. The round plant beds enhance the decoration of the place significantly.


Glass balconies are definitely different and add special appeal to a boring place. Check out this amazing looking glass balcony, which is a folding balcony. It is different from completely enclosed balcony and can be opened when the weather is cool. The dining table and the candle arrangements in the place create a romantic ambience.


If you have a spacious garden, you can plant trees and plants by the sides. In the center, you can place elegant looking bamboo chairs as they look ideal in such garden settings. In fact, such chairs can be placed comfortably in other parts of the house as well like in the terrace, patio or in the balcony or in other open spaces in the house you can think of.


Traditionally styled large balconies in Mediterranean style look great. See the image below with special emphasis on the patterned floor. These floors look stylish and stand apart from others. The balcony design is quite unique and hence special.


When you have a large balcony or a terrace, you can various kinds of ideas for decking up the space. Using plants and flowers is a great idea in the space as it adds a natural fervour. This can be done in numerous forms. For the terrace and balcony, having vertical garden is the best idea as the empty area can be utilized in the best manner.


The shape of the garden plays pivotal role in deciding the garden furniture. See this example in which there is an L-shaped wooden bench and table. The furniture is placed strategically right adjacent to the plant bed which is made of concrete. The free space in the garden is utilized excellently by the smart design of the furniture.


Balconies can be very interesting spaces in a house. See the example and the image for ready reference. In this case, the total balcony area seems to be separated by a glass cabin. The open air balcony is the place where you can catch up with some fresh air.


Are you looking to give your garden a different look and feel? Try using different coloured pebbles in the garden. This provides an aesthetic and modern appeal and style to the garden. Place the planters on different coloured pebbles for best effects. There are thin plastic divider strips, which separate the different coloured pebbles from one another.


Check out this awesome looking furniture for the balcony. Wicker and bamboo are the most common natural materials used for furniture in outdoor areas. See the design and concept of this furniture set and you are surely going to love them. The colour combination of the whole setup is just amazing imparting an overall rustic feel.


When the available garden space is not very large, but you still want to have many plants in the space, try this amazing idea as shown in the image. Invest in this kind of small wooden unit, where you can easily display the pots with beautiful plants in it. Only the standard plant bed cannot be transferred there! When placed together on the unit, the small plants and pots look regular and quite beautiful.


Having a spacious, lavish balcony in a modern building is something next to impossible. But will people living in such places not have the privilege of enjoying a balcony? Surely they do. The balconies in such setups should be able to reflect the actual spirit of the structure. See this example and you will find a rocking chair in contemporary style and a small and smart coffee table, which are enough to complete the modern balcony.


Gardening concepts are changing, making way for ideas which once seemed impossible. Even in a small space it is possible to place large numbers of pots. The credit for the same goes to modern apparatuses which can be installed in the available space. Pots can be mounted in the arrangement in addition to the vertical garden.


 For this balcony décor, you can never go wrong with the combination of black and white. Check out the black seating arrangement and the white table, adding a stylish appearance to the balcony.


If creativity in the garden is on your mind, try using a machete handcar arrangement instead of concrete bed plants and stone décor. 

For more garden ideas, take a look at this ideabook.

Which of these ideas inspired you? Let us know in the comments below.

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