10 beautiful pictures of home entrance from 2017

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First impression counts and it last long. Entrance of our home is the introduction of our personality. Not just our guests but even passersby notice it. Let’s do something different to bid farewell to 2017 and welcome 2018. Let’s give a makeover to our entrance. We have brought 10 best among the best entrance designs from 2017 for Indian homes. Bungalow or apartments, we have something for all. Have a look for some inspirations.

1. The dramatic walk

Patterned floor beneath, shiny chandelier above, a rustic door, pure white wall, beautiful paintings of same dimension adorning the walls of the walkway and just a table with flower vase; it is modern, minimalist and captivating.

2. Navigating your walk

The beauty of the extra large entrance door is enhanced by the pebbled sidewalk with green flowering plants adorning the walk. Floral rangoli design on the tile is very attractive. Bungalow or apartment, you can imitate this beautiful entrance in your home.

3. Music to the ears

Water dripping down the weeping wall made of natural stone hitting the bed of pebbles will create a natural sound that will surely be music to ears for the owners and guests. Build a small flowering garden around the fountain and enjoy the calmness of nature just at your doorstep.

4. ​A walk to remember

It is always amazing to walk amidst nature. And if the walk to the entrance is so green with shiny stones beneath your feet and pergola to let in the filtered sunlight; it will be a walk to remember.

5. ​Stepping stones

A pathway made of mosaic tiles, beautiful landscape, ornamental plants adding colors to the entrance and uneven green curtain hanging to cover the façade of the beautiful house; it’s elegant.

6. Rustic charm of curves, motifs and colors

The rustic appeal of simple entrance immediately grabs all the attention. The beauty lies in its simplicity. Curvy doors with wrought iron grills, blue motifs on white wall and a lamp from the bygone era to light up the entrance; it is simply gorgeous.

​7. Brick and wood

The entrance of a small home can be made beautiful just by leasing your creative personality a bit. Play with the texture of wood and stone brick on the front wall and make it stunning.

8. Unity in diversity

Bright color wall, white textured wall on its opposite and glass wall between them, green color of the plants and pebbled path with stepping stones to guide you home; there is so much of unity in this diversity. Light from the beautiful lamps on the red wall further pops up of the color and the beauty of this dazzling entrance.

​9. Guiding you home

There is no confusion left. It is quite quirky to mark the entrance but it’s youthful and fun. Minimal is modern and attractive. Go for it but after giving it your personal touch and twist.

10. From the land of caveman

If you want a low maintenance walkway to the entrance of home opt for this. The unexploited charm of natural stone in its natural form is environment friendly and innovative. It will connect you with nature the moment you step in.

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Which entrance is your favourite? Comment to let us know.

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