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Although many homes tend to neglect their balconies, balconies are actually one of the most precious spaces in a home.  For some homes, it could be the only outdoor space with a possibility for a small garden. When we need the open air after being stuck in between concrete walls, the first place we run to is the balcony. 

Whether small or large, each balcony can be transformed into a little oasis of tranquility if desired. How can you do this? The answer to this question lies in the photos we have handpicked for you today. 

1- Before: Spotted floor

Our first balcony photo is medium sized and has a potential. However it does not seem so appealing because of the lack of care. In particular, the stains on the floor should be cleaned as soon as possible.

After: Dreamlike

After the conversion, the balcony is unrecognizable. It is astonishing how a dirty and uninspiring balcony turned into such an awesome space with furniture, plants and accessories. Before all the furnishing and decoration, the flooring was changed and the paint was renewed. The finished state is perfect in one word.

2- Before: Small and useless

The second balcony example is much smaller than the first. Unfortunately this balcony also has a limited view since it is surrounded by iron bars. Moreover, it appears that only two seats can fit into the existing space.

After: Small but comfortable

The new version of the balcony amazes everyone because there is no connection with the first balcony. Moreover, despite the limited space, even a table and grill were fitted. By adding a screen to the balustrades, privacy is also provided.

3- Before: Orphaned balcony

Here is an example of a balcony that is extremely narrow and quite difficult to utilise. Even the flowerpot hanging on the railings looks a little intimidated in the corner. 

After: Natural and fresh

The same narrow rigid balcony area as before now looks much more lenient. Lots of plants and the natural wooden fencing made all the difference, giving a relaxed look to this small, but cute balcony. 

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4- Before: Neglected and old

Although it's a big balcony, it doesn't seem very appealing in such a dilapidated situation. This balcony needs some change or it would be such a waste. 

After: A garden on the balcony

The new state of the balcony is incredibly beautiful.The large area has been transformed into a low-maintenance balcony garden!The maintenance-free floor covering leaves the place with a permanently lush garden and every corner of the balcony is covered with greenery and flowers. 

For more ideas and inspiration, here are some tips to bring nature into your balcony.

5- Before: A plain landscape

Located between two buildings, this balcony does not look very inviting and the three-piece L-shaped seat does not look comfortable at all. 

After: a cosy corner

There were no major changes in the balcony. It's still the same fence, the same green wall and the same seat. Even so, the balcony looks very different now. The L-shaped rattan seat has been replaced and white cushions have been added for comfort. With all the small and fun accessories, the entire air of the balcony has changed.

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6- Before: An ill-planned layout

There is a very large area with a small set of wrought iron table and chairs placed next to a row of potted plants. There is just something very boring about this layout and balcony, but it could be so much more. 

After: Well-maintained and integrated

The ugly pots arranged in a row were completely removed and replaced with a wooden planter. To add to the natural feel, grass and white pebbles were added, creating a visually interesting garden landscape on the balcony, instead of the boring row of potted plants.  

7- Before: A boring balcony

In our final example, we can see that the balcony is in quite good condition, but it's really plain and boring. 

After: Comfortable seating area

The floors and walls have been changed, and a comfortable seating area has been added, making all the difference. The balcony has also become more integrated with the interiors and accessible with the large sliding glass door replacing the windows and wooden door.

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Which balcony do you like the best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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