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A beautiful bungalow full of colours

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Nothing brightens up a home like natural sunlight! Today we look at a house in a sunny countryside that not only makes maximum use of natural light, but also incorporates a lot of natural materials for that rustic effect. Thus wood, stone and the colour yellow are seen as the dominant design elements in this spacious, two storeyed house. It has a dreamy quality about it that makes it the perfect place to relax in and feel at ease. Let us take a peek at what sets this house apart.

​1. Enchanting rear facade

This picture-postcard pretty area is the rear façade of the home and we see how well it is integrated with the surrounding greenery by the use of green as highlight shade for the doors and windows, beautifully contrasting with the yellow painted walls. The upper storey has a balcony while the area below sports a lounge area for the family with two sun loungers.

2. Sun-kissed living room

The living room has a large full length window that lets in ample sunlight to fill in this bright and cheerful living room. The rustic appeal of this room is enhanced with the use of wood and stone for the flooring and walls and natural fibres for the chairs. A fireplace also adorns this large and comfortable space.

​3. Cheerful dining room

The dining room is integrated with the living room not only spatially but also visually with the yellow walls and the stone coated pillar and stairs. Here red is seen as a highlight framing the pictures and the walls. The high backed dining chairs are in a natural material.

​4. Smart kitchen counter

The  classic kitchen is in an open format allowing for free flow of light and air. A wooden bench forms the partition between the kitchen and the living areas and high stools make the counter top a cosy spot for coffee and conversations.

​5. Cosy kitchen

The U-shaped kitchen also has a lot of wood work and the space is cleverly designed to incorporate ample storage. White lamps add a touch of elegance.

6. Warm and simple bedroom

The modern bedroom makes intelligent use of wood in the design with the very modern cot design, wooden floors and the wooden box shelves on the wall.  In the picture below we can see how the balcony lets in ample light and air to truly convert the room into a cozy haven.

8. Delightful guest room

This room opens out into the garden and the large windows allow for all the natural ambience to be a part of the room itself. The rustic charm is highlighted here with the use of wooden floors and natural materials for the bed. A touch of blue in the drapes and pillows is the highlight of this room

9. Inviting pool

The country cottage feel of this house is completed with the garden and pool surrounded by tall trees. This is truly an inviting space where any guest would be delighted to be in!Step in to ever more creative spaces with our next home tour.5 beautiful bedroom designs for your home

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