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15 pictures of wooden doors for the entrance of your home

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We Indians love wood for its elegance, versatility, exquisiteness and the warmth it brings with it. The beauty of wood is that it can be used anywhere. Floor, ceiling, wall, furniture, doors, windows… you name it and wood can fit in there gracefully. It is a material par excellence that can be used in the interior as well as exterior doors of the house. It just blends with the design and architectural type of the home. Rustic or modern, simple or decorative, solid or panelled, it suffices to every style.

Let’s have a look at the 15 stylish main doors of the house made of wood. They all have a charismatic charm that will surely inspire you.

Timeless splendour

Wooden doors are timeless and can never be out of fashion. Give it a traditional feel or make it look modern in a new avatar, choice is yours. This solid wooden over-sized elegant entrance door is quite modern and fashionably ahead of its time.

Untouched beauty of the wood

Keep the wood of the door in its natural texture and colour to make the door look amazingly beautiful.

A peep into the world

The shape defines the style of the doors. A modern style is all about simplicity, straight and pure lines in its natural texture and colour. Rustic style involves intricate carving, wrought iron work, attractive curves and the charisma of the bygone era. Whatever is your style, wooden door fits in all. It is a perfect choice for the front door for its elegance and incomparable natural beauty.

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Textured grace

The charm of beautiful entrance is further enhanced by the wooden doors that have retained its natural texture and colour. It looks stunning. Complement it with fresh and beautiful garden and bask in its glory.

Reminiscence from the past

Wood is quite versatile and can be made into a spectacular looking door just by your creativity and wild imagination. Mark it… there is no limit to imagination.

Merging with the surrounding

The cozy rustic style is the new modern. It gels well with the open brick wall or loads of greenery around. Since it is wood, it is a part of nature and looks amazing in its natural surroundings. Now it depends on your personal choice whether to make it modern with minimal style or decorate it with intricate carving to make it traditional.

Only wood for entrance

Why do we choose only wood for the main door? Well… may be because wood is highly decorative, elegant and helps in beautifying the facade of your beautiful home with its simplicity and charm. Since it is very versatile it can blend in any design theme and with any material.

Maintenance of the wooden doors

It is quite easy and simple to maintain the wooden doors. Just wipe or dust it with dry cloth to clean all the dust and moisture from it. Special wood polishes that are available in the market should be applied periodically to make it shine and protect it from the environmental damages. Use vinegar and oil for deep cleaning. It is an efficient way to remove stains and dust from your entrance door and make it shine.

Friendly nature of wood

Wood is very friendly and is quite compatible with almost all the building materials. Glass, metal or stone, wood looks good with all. Make the entrance door of your beautiful house blend with the surrounding.

The rustic look

Wrought iron handle and rivet of the same metal fix when into the wooden door, it will make the door look rustic and sturdy.

Ideal wood for the entrance doors

Although there are lots of option available but we need the best among the best for our main doors. These doors should be strong and sturdy, flexible, heat, sound and moisture resistant, and easy to maintain. The ideal wood that suits these briefs are of pine, oak, chestnut and cedar.

Less is more

Use minimum design and decoration and the door will look elegantly modern. The modern style is all about attaining maximum style with minimal effort and integrating the interior from the exterior. The open panel on the door is doing exactly that.

Advantages of wood

Since centuries, wood has been used to make the entrance doors. May be it is because of its abundant advantages. It is heat resistant, sound proof, easily available, can be carved into different shapes and size… But it needs a proper treatment and maintenance as moisture in the environment damages it.

The horizontal lines

It is the magic of wood that the doors which are made just from long horizontal panels look strong and elegant. Modern doors for ultra modern home!

Which one of these wooden doors inspired you the most? We are waiting to hear from you.

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