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6 interesting coffee table designs

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Coffee tables are essential pieces of furniture that complete living rooms, lounges, patios, verandas, and balconies. Interesting coffee tables can make otherwise dull and boring seating areas come alive. Coffee tables are usually placed in the center of a seating area so that it can be reached by everyone easily, and this central position grabs attention, hence it is not surprising that interior designers spend a lot of time and effort to carefully select coffee tables. After all, if it's going to be the at the center of attention, then it should at least look good right?

Featured here are 6 different styles of coffee tables—hand-painted coffee tables, modern coffee tables, oriental coffee tables, eclectic coffee tables, rubber topped coffee tables, and glass coffee tables. Let's browse through these interesting coffee table designs and see which is the most suitable for our different needs and tastes. 

Modern coffee table

​DABLIU COFFEE TABLE Setsu & Shinobu Ito Living roomSide tables & trays
Setsu & Shinobu Ito


Setsu & Shinobu Ito

This modern coffee table has a sinuous and irregular shape which is harmonious. The table top is made of chestnut wood, while the base is made of welded metal rods. 

This coffee table is interesting because the shape of the table top can take different forms, depending on the perspective or angle you look at it from. 

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Rubber topped coffee table

Larch coffee table with rubber veneered top David Arnold Design Living roomSide tables & trays
David Arnold Design

Larch coffee table with rubber veneered top

David Arnold Design

Why choose a rubber topped coffee table? Well, first of all because it's extremely durable and wear-resistant, guaranteeing low life-cycle costs. Secondly, rubber has anti-slip properties, making it a practical covering for a coffee table. Thirdly, the dense surface of rubber makes it easy to clean, and thus saves time and money. 

This stylish larch coffee table with a rubber top is made by David Arnold Design. David Arnold is an expert at marquetry and veneering, and has been designing and making wooden furniture for over 20 years. 

Oriental coffee table

The oriental designs in blue and red on this white stone coffee table are typical of the regions in Central Asia such as Afghanistan. 

This coffee table is ideal for the outdoors, and would be perfect for a garden, veranda, balcony or patio as the material it is made of can endure weather elements such as rain, heat, and cold. 

Eclectic coffee table

This eclectic coffee table is an interesting combination of different shapes and patterns. The rectangular shaped wooden table top with diamond patterns on it is supported by a metallic blue metal base with balls instead of the regular straight legs.

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Hand-painted coffee table

Adding a colorful and artistic coffee table to your home can be very rewarding aesthetically. This gorgeous hand-painted coffee table from Singapore is definitely an attention grabber and a conversation starter. The tropical floral designs painted on the table top is typical of traditional art from this region. 

Scandinavian style glass coffee table

This beautiful glass coffee table reveals a pale wooden base which gives it the Scandinavian style. The irregular and unusual shape of the base makes it interesting and stylish, while also giving it a natural feel as it is reminiscent of tree branches. One of the advantages of choosing this coffee table is that it can easily fit with many different types of furniture and styles. 

We hope you've been inspired by these interesting coffee table designs. See you again on homify soon. 

Which coffee table did you like best? Let us know in your comments below. 
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