9 objects that spread negative energy around the house

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Many people might not believe but there are good energies as well as bad energies in the world. In order to attract good luck, love, prosperity and monetary benefits, people place various kinds of objects and amulets in the house at different places. However, there are times when certain objects attract bad and negative energy and they co-exist with the ones which emanate positive energy. This can lead to interference of energy in the house and the positive energy might not be able to show its effects.

Mentioned below are some objects which are believed to interfere with the flow and balance of energy in the home:

Broken crockery

It happens in homes that broken glasses, crockery, dishes and similar stuff are stashed away somewhere and then forgotten. You might not know but these broken and chapped items attract melancholy, sadness and negativity in the house significantly. Check that the utensils that you have in your kitchen are in perfectly good condition. There should be no cracks, stains and breaks in the utensils. If something breaks by chance, it is better to dispose off the same. If that is not possible, atleast try to get some repair work done so that the utensil looks whole.

Objects given by people who don’t like us

There are many times when a person who does not like us much is compelled to give something to us for some reason. It is recommended to keep such objects away from home. Also refrain from keeping things given by a person with whom your relation ended on a bitter note and in a traumatic manner. Ensure that these objects are removed from the house as they are not at all positive energy items. You can give them to someone else or even donate them.

Clothing in poor and patched condition

We often stuff old and worn out clothes in our closets thinking that they will come to some use. But the fact is that we no longer use them ever. Rather stuffing them becomes a kind of obstacle which hampers the energy renewal in the home. Refrain from wearing patched and torn clothes as they can bring in bad luck for your love life.

These are beliefs for people who agree to them. For others these are meaningless. If you are really curious about hou can always try them and see if there are really positive changes in the house with these tips.

The broom bristles should always be down

Keeping the broom properly is important for positive energy flow in the house. The broom can be kept in the storeroom, laundry area or in any other place in the house. Just ensure that the bristles of the broom should be in downward direction. Keeping the bristles up call for bad luck and can hamper with the loving and cozy ambience of the home.

Keep the scissors closed always

Many a times you make the mistake of keeping the scissors open. Avoid doing this as it attracts bad luck and misfortune to the home. Carefully close the scissors after you finish working with them. Along with this, if you have photo frames on your desk or any other piece of furniture, see that they are in good condition and there are no cracks and breakages in the frames. In case the frame has broken or is chapped, discard the same and replace with a new one.

Keeping body parts of dead animals

If you thought that the antlers or the tiger skin on the floor enhanced the appeal of your living room, wait for a moment. Parts of dead animals like ivories, skins, shells, snails, horns, antlers or taxidermised and embalmed species in homes are sure to bring in bad luck in houses. It is believed that there are stagnant energies in the space, which are constantly being interrupted by death which looms over the place.

Dead and dried flowers or artificial plants

If you love flowers and keep them in pots and vases inside the house, there are certain things which you must keep into consideration. See that the flowers and the plants do not wilt or dry up. Usually people do not notice and dead and dry flowers remain in vases particularly in the sideways. The same thing is applicable for plastic plants and flowers too. Since there is no life in these flowers and plants, they hamper the energy flow in the room and have negative influence on energy balance in home. There are some flowers like carnations which should not be put inside homes. They are regarded to bring in bad luck. However, if you want, you can grow carnations in the garden outside.

Stained and broken mirrors

When it comes to good and bad energies, mirrors always need special mention. Whether it is in your bathroom, bedroom or living room, it is believed that a mirror should always be in impeccable condition. In case they are in poor condition, stained or broken, they should be taken out of the house immediately. As per Feng Shui, mirrors which are in good condition should be tried and kept clean. Their placement is also important as they should never be put right in front of the foot of the bed

Thorny plants including cactus

There are different opinions regarding these kinds of thorny and prickly plants including cactus. Some people opine that having such plants in the home cab bring in problems between couple. Financial problems might also arise. However, there are many people who love these plants and have a great collection of different kinds of cactuses in their homes. There is no need to throw away the plants. Just ask an expert and change their placements.

Some more objects that attract negativity

The objects you keep at your home directly or indirectly create a positive or negative affect on your everyday life. A lot of people are aware of the fact that you should never keep the broken idols in your house. But, not everyone knows that keeping the idols facing each other can also result in different signs of negative energy in house. As it may increase your expenses and reduce your sources of income which may further affect your mental health.

The way you decorate the interiors of your house talks a lot about your personality. Some people like to keep beautiful water fountains in their living room to give an artistic feel to it. However, it is believed that no such thing should be placed in any part of your house as it indicates towards the flowing nature of the object and hence, spreads negative energy in house. In other words, money, prosperity and positivity may come in your life but will not last long due to the presence of such objects.

It's always advisable to consult a Vastu Shastra or Feng Shui professional to find out the possible causes of negative energy in your home and the tools that you can use to create positivity in the environment. 

Let us know how you were able to allow  positive energy flow in the house in the comments below.

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