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10 best pictures of bathrooms for Indian homes in 2017

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Tired of your washed-out and uninspiring bathroom and are ready to give it a makeover in the New Year? Well then you are on the right page. Whether you have a small, medium or large bathroom, we have ideas for all. Today’s ideabook we have compiled 10 best pictures of bathrooms that were proudly featured on Homify in the year 2017. Take some inspiration, do some manipulation to make it suitable for your home, add a few inputs from yourself to give it a personal touch and enjoy a brand new bathroom in 2018.

​1. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Master Bedroom Toilet Space Trend Modern bathroom
Space Trend

Master Bedroom Toilet

Space Trend

Create a visual illusion and make your bathroom shine along with the shiny mirror. Huge mirror on opposite walls will make infinite images. Chess-board pattern in the shower area and floral line on the floor looks attractive.

​2. Natural charm of stone

A little bit of wild imagination that connects to the nature can transform a space. Big or small, stone will look beautiful is all size. The natural charm of stone on the wall, the sink, floor and even the sink table will leave you in the lap of nature. It is mesmerizing!

​3. Break the monotony

Break all the rules and go a little bit over with the design. Make the monotone theme of your bathroom scintillating with creativity. Dark colors or bold patterns, like the animal print on the wall like here, it adds dimension and a bit of fun in otherwise ordinary space.

4. Modern and eclectic

The pop of colours on the black is magical and captivating. It is adding an excitement to the space. Black is bold and the boldness is spread all over. It is a modern bathroom with a futuristic feel in it. Go for it and make a change, colours can make a whole lot of difference. Isn’t it?

​5. Under the sky

Studio Apartment Ink Architecture Modern bathroom
Ink Architecture

Studio Apartment

Ink Architecture

Imagine taking a shower in your bathroom under the starry nights or in the sun filled days. Either way it will be an out of the world experience. Use natural materials and earthy tones for more authentic feel and rustic comfort.

​6. Coordinated colour

Coordinated colour creates a sleek and seamless space that is simply a treat for our eyes. From floor to ceiling, everything is perfect. But what immediately grabs all our attention is the antique mirror, bold red sink sitting atop the white marble table and red stripes on the wall. It is stunning!

​7. A leaf from the dream

The beauty of this bathroom is in its simplicity. A beautiful shower area with large window and wooden panels on the pane and ceiling above looks warm and inviting. The ceramic tiles of the wall have elevated the beauty and elegance of this bathroom manifold.

​8. Clean and bright

Bright paint and clean cut will make a small bathroom as dazzling and beautiful as this. Be bold and play with colours, mix and match it and then make it look calm with a complementary neutral tone; it will make the bathroom stunning.

​9. Simple and minimal

Simple and minimalist touch in a single tone looks elegant. The fresh greenery in the vase is the only colour in this fresh and beautiful bathroom. It’s amazing!

​10. Glittery twinkle

Residential interiors for Mr.Siraj at Chennai Offcentered Architects Minimalist bathroom
Offcentered Architects

Residential interiors for Mr.Siraj at Chennai

Offcentered Architects

Make your bathroom twinkle with light and then relax in the comfort of the hot tub. The uniformity of mosaic tiles used all over will add depth to the space and make it look bigger and spacious. What you cannot ignore here is the glitzy wall that has made it special and beautiful.

If you are looking for some amazing design ideas for your small bathroom, then this one is for you: 10 Best Small Bathroom Designs For Indian Homes

Do you have more ideas? We are waiting to hear from you.
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