5 things to avoid in your home according to Vastu

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Vastu shastra, which literally translates to “science of architecture”, is an ancient Indian philosophy of architecture. It depends on the five basic forces of nature- the sun, wind, water, earth and space and the different energies that originates from them. By following the principles of Vastu, these energies can be balanced and adjusted to enhance peace and prosperity in homes. It is important to have a Vastu compliant home to live a blissful life. Just follow these five simple Vastu tips and enjoy a stress free and peaceful life with your family in the beautiful home of your dreams.

Mirrors reflecting the bed

According to Vastu, a bedroom should not have mirror and never in the position that will reflect the bed. Mirror in the bedroom leads to misunderstanding, frequent quarrel between the couples, health problems and tiredness. But still if there is a mirror in the bedroom, make sure that it doesn’t reflect the bed.

Black on the bed

Black looks beautiful and stylish in the bedroom. But according to Vastu you should avoid to have black bedspread, blanket, pillow cover or curtains in the bedroom. The dark tone of the colour will create a somber environment in the room and have a negative impact the relationship.

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Time should never stop

Be aware; never leave a clock in a non-working condition anywhere in your home. According to Vastu, clock not only depicts time, it also activates the energy that controls our life, happiness and finances. A non-working clock will stagnant the energy of your home and life.

Unhappy and violent painting on the wall

We all love to decorate the walls of our home with beautiful paintings. It enhances the aesthetic beauty of the wall. However, be cautious of your selection of paintings. Avoid unhappy and violent paintings or any piece of art in your home. According to Vastu, the dazzling, colourful, cheerful and beautiful pictures spread happiness, positivity and optimism in the environment. The violent and sad pictures do just the opposite. Obviously no one wants to live an unhappy life. Isn’t it?

Sharp edge furniture

According to Vastu, we should avoid sharp edge furniture in our home. Sharp edge of the furniture cuts the flow of the energy and changes its direction, forcing it to move in the wrong direction. It is better to have round edge furniture. If you already have angular or sharp edge furniture in your home, then cover it with a table cloth.

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