10 kitchen ideas which look expensive but are economical

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Having a beautiful, well organised kitchen adds to the overall décor of a house. But many people think that such a kitchen will be an expensive investment, which is not true. In today’s article there are some interesting ideas of getting beautifully looking kitchens at the most economical rates. The kitchens, which are shown in the images look expensive and luxurious, but actually they are not so. There are many factors like use of unique colors and shades, integration of innovative and classy materials, bright and textured finishing, use of glass and wood in stylish manner for reflecting a cozy ambience without emphasizing their own style etc. Check out the amazing ideas below:

1. Simple and clean design

If you have a simple and modest looking house, this kitchen style will be most suitable for the setup. The inner panel right above the kitchen counter, also known as the dashboard, has large green tiles installed. These tiles are easy to clean and maintain and also add splash of colour to the space. The floor is also tiled, but has unique motifs on them, which makes the space look interesting. Ventilation is assured with the help of two large windows. For the purpose of cooking, gas stove or electric stove needs to be installed in the kitchen.

2. Imparting a touch of yellow to make the kitchen look bright and beautiful

Indian Parallel Kitchen Design homify Asian style kitchen Plywood

Indian Parallel Kitchen Design


You might not have an idea that the colours that you use in your kitchen can change the way the place looks. Colours can make a kitchen look cheap or luxurious, elegant and simple etc. For instance, check this kitchen with combination of bright shade of yellow, white and black. You can instantly understand that the colours impart a bright feeling to the place. With the right kind of lighting and illumination – whether artificial or natural, the place looks just perfect.

3. Small and compact wooden kitchen

If you thought that a small kitchen cannot be made to look elegant, you are mistaken. Check out this small kitchen design, which is not only easy on renovation, but looks stylish and elegant at the same time. This kitchen in the image has a welcoming feeling with a subtle luxurious environment. The factors that are responsible for making the space so very suitable include selection of the right kinds of intelligent household appliances; use of highly suitable materials for backsplash, cabinets and floors etc. There is another thing that needs special mention in this case. The placement of kitchen utensils and accessories can impact the way a kitchen looks. For imparting an expensive look to the kitchen, there is no need to have ultra modern appliances like expensive refrigerators or microwave ovens in the place.

4. The gas stove

If you want to have a built-in induction plate in the kitchen, it will be an expensive investment. However, you can always think of a gas stove with the right kind of design and style, so that your kitchen looks valuable. Along with being a cheaper option, the gas stove is comparatively easy on cleaning and maintenance.

5. Hanging rails which have multifunctional utility

Many kitchens now have suspension rails from which various kinds of items can be hung. In this case, the steel suspension rails not only offer additional storage facility, but come with other functions as well. Use your creativity, innovation and imagination and try implementing some industrial design sense in the space as shown in the image. Hang all the accessories from the hanging rails, which are frequently used so that they remain at your fingertips.

6. Concept of shared kitchen

Mesons become important, particularly when kitchens have limited surface to work on. Space is required for cutting, shredding and kneading. If the kitchen is combined with the dining area, more space becomes available and one can save on the resources as well. The needs and demands of materials, colours and other resources used for styling and creativity are also reduced to the concept of a shared kitchen.

7. Kitchen for just the two of them

When a couple lives in a flat or apartment, there is practically no need of a large kitchen. Check out this amazing space and see how many areas are combined together here setting an instance of perfectly compact space. The space along with being a kitchen is also a washing area and a storage area. By placing two stools by the island, the dining purpose is also served. The whole setup helps in saving lots of space in the house.

8. The food bar for breakfast and buffet

Having a breakfast bar or a hanging surface work perfect for a kitchen, which is long and narrow. The long wooden bar will not only be a space for enjoying food; rather it is also a place where food can be cooked. It is an excellent idea for optimising space in the cheapest manner.

9. Having the utensils displayed in stylish manner

The available space in the kitchen might not permit you to have as many cabinets as you want. You might end up having lots of space on the empty white walls in the kitchen. There are different kinds of storage options on the walls, which are shown in the image. There are two wooden shelves and racks on which dishes and cups and other items can be placed. There is a hook rail for hanging aromatic plants or other utensils. Lastly, and most importantly, there is a wire mesh grid from which pots and pans can be hung.

10. Addition of vintage elements

Using vintage style elements can change the way a kitchen looks completely. Check out this kitchen in complete white with tiles in the same shade. The wall has slats giving it a different dimension. The kitchen table is second-hand, but it is restored for having a more vintage appeal. Try collecting some elegant and unique utensils, which enhance the ingenuity and creativity of the space.

These tips are simple and can be easily implemented in any kitchen to make the place look expensive.

Which of the ideas inspired you? Let us know in the comments below.

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