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11 ideas to cover the walls of the entrance of your house

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Give the entrance of your house  a radical change in looks with the help of coatings on its walls. There are a considerable amount of materials that allow a completely different appearance to the walls.

In fact, in the ideas below we show you the various materials you can use to cover the walls of the entrance of your house.  Let's check out the pictures and examples shall we? 

Let's see the wonders of marble

With a bit of marble in the entrance hall or any other place in the home, the home acquires a refined and classic look; especially if the marble is cream or white. The black and gray marble also look great and brings more sophistication and modernity.

Stone thinness

There are a considerable amount of slabs made of thin stone pieces to cover any type of wall , and within those is this delicate and sophisticated design pictured here, that although thin and of small size, achieves a majestic change in the appearance of the entrance wall, or do you think that this hall would be just as beautiful with a regular flat white wall? 

Now let's admire brick slabs

If you did not create your entrance wall with exposed brick, but you love that appearance, you'll love this idea. It consists of finding thin rectangular slabs of brick and placing them on the surface of the wall. You can even paint them to give even more personality to your entrance hall.

For more ideas and inspiration, here are 5 wonderful brick walls for the home.

The never absent tiles

Covering a wall with tiles is perhaps one of the most common ideas, that is because it is an easy material to get in the market, and with technological advances, there are already pieces with adhesives on the back to make the installation more practical. So if you want an entry similar to the one above, now you have the certainty that it's not very difficult to achieve. However, if you are looking for something more unique for your entrance wall, have a look at 7 ideas for coating the wall of a room.

Vinyl pieces that look great

The multiple pieces of vinyl on the wall that we admire in this entrance acquires a formidable texture to welcome us with much style and personality, all with the simple fact of adhering pieces already cut and with adhesive. Thanks to practicality!

Moldings: a good solution

This immaculate wall that divides the entrance, the bar, and the room, despite having a monochromatic decoration, achieves a striking appearance thanks to the reliefs given by the moldings, in quadrangular form below and with thin lines next to the ceiling.

A little quarry

Several pieces of quarry can give a complete new appearance to the entrance as well. We were captivated by the idea  although the pieces are not so cheap because it does not take many pieces for this beautiful transformation to take place; and the design consists of a different coating only in the corners, creating a fabulous frame of quarry.

To think about the appearance from the beginning

You do not have to work double to acquire a nice appearance on the walls of your entrance if you plan it properly; it is better to consider this aspect before you start. Pictured here, we can see that using exposed red brick as the main material was the best decision.

Miniature cubes made of wood

With miniature cubes made of wood, this false wall was created to perfectly delimit the entrance of the rest of the house. So if you do not have a wall to fall back on, you can always create one with the materials you prefer because a divider need not be a solid wall. 

Wood integrated into the wall

With pieces of wood properly cut, polished and varnished, it is possible to make a welcoming and pleasant impression from the entrance. The fact that the wood is integrated in the walls means they have a greater visual impact than if they were simply on the floor. 

Tiles that cover fast and wonderfully

Large tiles that have texture are an extremely effective material to change the look of the walls of any entrance, which was our goal from the beginning. Now we leave it up to you to choose the best idea for your home. 

Which entrance wall idea do you like best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 
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