26 easy and cheap ideas to renovate your home

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Our home is an extension of our personality. We all want a comfortable home. But we also wish our home to be elegant and beautiful, always… There is nothing more satisfying than having a home that is neighbours envy and owner’s pride. Isn’t it? Over the period of time our home too needs occasional touch up and renovations. We need to discard a few and add in a few things to bring freshness to the space. Opting for refurbishing and changing the decoration, furniture and furnishing is an expensive affair. However, we can give our home a beautiful makeover without becoming a victim of consumerism. It is not necessary to replace the old with new in order to make a change. Recycle is the new trend and it is good for environment too. So let’s adopt this new mantra and contribute in saving our environment and money.

Today in this ideabook we have divided our ideas of renovation into six simple categories to make it easy for you. They are: Accessories and decoration, Restoration and renovation, Furnishing and furniture, Home management, Natural touch, Cleanliness. 

Though these are small steps and we all are familiar with it, still we need some professional guidance and help to comprehend it. The little touch ups can make a substantial change in the decoration and environment of your home. Remember these are just an idea. It completely depends on you how you want to adopt and adapt these in your home. 

Let’s dive in and get some ideas to make our home beautiful in simple, economical and practical way.

Scent of candles

Small accessories can make a whole lot of difference. If the accessories are candles then it will spread positive energy too with its fragrance.


Small mementos keep the memories alive along with decorating the space.

​Picture perfect

Express your creativity with framed pictures on the wall. It is a simple way to decorate the naked walls.

​A leaf from childhood

Blackboards have now become obsolete even in schools. So what? Keep the memory alive in a wall and let the family express themselves on it. Just imagine how fun it will be.

​Perfect symmetry

If you are a perfectionist, then go for symmetry in your home. After all everything in nature too is in symmetry.

​Innovative lamps

Glow your house but in your own personal style. Take some clue from here and get innovative.

Restoration and renovation

If you are planning to throw away it, just wait for a few more minutes and go through these suggestions.

​Drawers trick

Before dumping the drawers that was once your kids favourite, just give a thought to renovate it. Change the handles and feel the difference.

​Old cabinets

We all have one. Show your creativity, paint the cabinets and give it a vintage look.

​Colourful trend

Painted wooden chairs are in trend now. So be trendy and paint the old wooden chairs and give a fashionable makeover to your furniture and home.

​The wall

The first thing that grabs our attention in any house is its walls. So keep it fresh and free from stains and damages. Paint it fresh with the colour of choice and enjoy your new home.

​The doors

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Paint the doors and windows and make the entrance of your home look stunning and inviting.

It is important to pay little attention and detail to the home furnishing and textiles that we use for our sofa, curtains, chairs, carpets… . We not only see them on the daily basis, we also feel it through touch.

Refurbish the sofa

Change that worn out sofa cover with something new. Follow the latest trend and just see how different your home will look and feel.

​Fresh curtains

Think of home furnishing and the first thing that comes to mind is the curtains. Although it will definitely bring more change if we hang new curtains, but even a freshly washed and fragrant curtains will bring a fresh change into the home.


Choose comfortable and soothing bedspreads for your elegant bedroom to enjoy some peaceful private time with your loved ones.

​The humble towels

May be you have not noticed yet that the towels of your bathroom have lived their life. Change it to freshen up your spectacular bathroom.

​Personal touch

So your love and creativity and knit the duvet for your family. They will feel the warmth of your love in it.

If the changes you incorporate keep your home organized and arranged, then it will surely make your life easy and comfortable here.

​Right lighting

Lighting can make or break the beauty and comfort of any space. In kitchen make sure that the counter is properly lit to make cooking a pleasurable experience.

​Air and light

A well ventilated and well lit room naturally looks attractive and filled with positive vibes. But if it lacks in proper ventilation and lighting, a beautiful ceiling fan and aesthetic lights can add beauty to it.

​Reclining comfort

Make the unused corner of your home the favourite hangout space for the family by just placing a few comfortable recliners there.

The kitchen drawers

The well designed kitchen drawers play a vital role in keeping the kitchen organized and your life sane. These are compact and comfortable.

Bring home the nature and enjoy its freshness and beauty daily.

​Beautiful flowers

Fill the vase with fresh flowers and make the decoration of your home colourful and fragrant.

Vertical garden

Where there is a will there is a way. If the house is small create a beautiful vertical garden to elevate the beauty of your home.

A clean home is a fresh and beautiful home and will make you feel good and happy.

​Freshly washed

Of course we are not talking about the regular cleaning. We are talking about the spring cleaning that we do occasionally. Involve your family and clean up the house and give it a clean makeover.

Deep cleaning

A few details usually go unnoticed but if cleaned it will definitely shine. Once in a while go for comprehensive cleaning and clean every nook and corners.

The sparkling glass

A perfect sparkling glass will make your home look radiant and spacious.

Did you find these simple ideas useful? We are waiting to hear from you.

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