20 granite and marble countertops for modern kitchens

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Kitchens are considered as the power house of any home. It is from this place that the nutritional requirements of the family members are fulfilled. This is the reason that kitchens should be well equipped so that working there should not be a problem and one is able to work comfortably as well. Gone are the days of conventional and traditional kitchens. Majority of the houses now come with modular setup. And kitchen countertops make an integral part of modular kitchens. Without a proper countertop, working in the kitchen can become quite clumsy and difficult. Among the various materials that are used in the making of kitchen countertops, granite and marble need special mention.

Mentioned below are about 20 designs of marble and granite countertops, which you can check:

1.    In the first kitchen image, the granite countertop comes with an open-tone. There are dark wooden cabinets in the kitchen just below the countertop. The countertop has a double wash basin. The colour contrast with the cabinets and other settings in the kitchen makes the place looks good.

2.     In the second instance, you can see that there are glazed mosaic coatings. The granite countertop stone coating seems to be very consistent with the mosaic coatings. Using granite is a great idea for island kitchens.

3.     Check out this lovely looking kitchen where the wooden cabinets in classic look and appearance impart a sense of warmth to the kitchen interiors. The entire countertop is made of granite and extends as a long and thin pattern in L-shape. The combination of granite and wood seems just perfect.

4. It is the shape of the countertop which is the main attraction in the kitchenette. The cabinets like the previous kitchens are done in wood. This time in the shade of the wood is darker. The granite countertop is designed in tones so that the whole setup is in perfect sync and harmony.

5.      Kitchen islands are always attractive, but this one is special thanks to the eye-catching red color used on the lower sides of the island as well as in different parts of the kitchen smartly. The countertop is made of thick granite. The granite used is white-toned and goes perfectly in contrast with the island’s contrast red hue.

6.      Check out this kitchen in classical style. The wooden cabinets have medium darkness. The open tone granite countertops sync perfectly with the kitchen settings.

7.      Contemporary style kitchens are great to look at and are highly functional at the same time. This kitchen has wooden cabinets too styled in unique manner. Thick marble is used in the countertop.

8.     The wooden cabinets in this kitchen have an unusual design. The open shelves present a different appeal to the whole setup. The island in the kitchen also looks stunning and it is made entirely of granite.

9.      This kitchen is smaller than the other kitchens, which have been covered so far. White is the dominant color in the kitchen, while the wall scheme is in orange colour. The use of granite has been seen only in the kitchen island.

10.      Taking a look at the setup will help in understanding that there is abundant space in the kitchen. The dining area is also integrated in the space. The table design is fantastic and unique at the same time. The granite countertop in the lead also needs special mention here.

11.      This kitchen setup is quite large and spacious and has an open appearance. The kitchen island is covered in thick marble and this pattern stretches down to the floor on both the sides. The back panel comes with marble-plating and looks splendid.

12.      The wooden cabinets seem to be the prominent feature in this kitchen setup. However, the countertop and the bench are made of granite. Interestingly, the inner wall and back panel is also made of the same granite material and makes a complete look.

13.      This kitchen design is modern with striped wooden cupboards and cabinets. The white toned granite countertop is in perfect contrast to the wooden elements. To add more kitchen flair, small mosaic stones are used on the back panel and interior wall in the kitchen.

14.      There is an abundant play with colours and tones in this kitchen setup. Cabinets and drawers at the bottom are done in dark brown shades, while the upper cabinets on the walls are done in contrasting white shades. In the center is the granite countertop, which comes in earth tones. There is a balance in the color transition in the kitchen.

15.      This kitchen has distinctly two parts and each of them seem to be facing one another. The kitchen has white cabinets, which are perfectly designed. There is use of granite on the inner wall of the kitchen as well as on the bench and countertop. There is subtle elegance in the whole setup.

16.      Modern looking kitchens are extremely stylish and here is a perfect example of the same. The raw concrete walls in the kitchen make the space look different from regular kitchens. Use gray-toned marble in various places in the kitchen for striking the perfect balance.

17.      This is not only a kitchen setup, but dining cum kitchen setup. The cabinets in the kitchen are done in white, which are in sharp contrast to the dark colored granite workbench. The kitchen island right in the center is square in shape and acts like a table on which food can be served as well. It acts as a kitchen countertop as well.

18.      This kitchen has a simple design, which is attractive. The cabinets are done in dark wood and look sophisticated. To match with the cabinets, the kitchen has dark-toned granite countertop and worktop. Perfect settings for a small kitchen.

19.      The design of the kitchen is simplistic, but extremely stylish at the same time. The upper cabinets and cupboards are painted wooden, while the lower cabinets are in black shades. The settings are completed with open-tone granite countertops, which are in perfect contrast to the shades of the cabinets and cupboards.

20.      This kitchen looks spacious. Granite is used extensively in this kitchen in different places. It is present on the island, in the bench as well as in the back panel and inner walls of the kitchen.

Create a modern kitchen with these amazing marble and granite countertops.

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