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East London Apartment, Draisci Studio Draisci Studio Modern kitchen
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The heart of a home lies in the kitchen. Be it cooking together as a family and having fun, or spending time together while eating and cooking, or creating food that will invoke memories years later, the kitchen is the core of a house. But too often this integral part of a home is given too little attention and it ends up becoming a dull, faded, boring space. Colours are a good way to enliven up this space and make it look like the star of the home that it is. Here are some kitchen colour scheme ideas that will help you do so.

KItchen wall colours

Colouring up the walls in the kitchen is one of the simplest ways of introducing colour in the kitchen. If your kitchen is rustic you can opt for burnt reds, brownish oranges and even shades of yellow like ombre, ochre and mustard. If your kitchen is more modern then opt for happy colours like sea blue, sunny yellow or even an unusual purple. You can colour up a classic white or cream kitchen with a dash of teal or mint green and spice up a minimal futuristic kitchen with bold dark colours like midnight blue and black. You can even go all grungy and try a brick wall in the kitchen.

Kitchen floor colours

The kitchen floor is good way to introduce some colour in the kitchen, but is most often overlooked. Chuck out the boring plain white tiles and opt for tiles in bright shades or patterns. If you have wooden flooring, instead of the usual browns you can opt for grey industrial wood flooring or even wooden flooring in other colourful varnishes. You can even mix and match with light and dark coloured tiles and create a colourful border on the kitchen floor like here.

Kitchen cabinet colours

East London Apartment, Draisci Studio Draisci Studio Modern kitchen
Draisci Studio

East London Apartment

Draisci Studio

A Cabinet is another object that can colour up your kitchen. Be it the entire cabinet or just the cabinet front, you can colour it up and change the look and feel of the entire kitchen. Whether you move from pure white cabinets to bright yellow or green or blue coloured cabinets, or opt for more subtle shades like powder blue, teal or rust, colourful cabinets make a kitchen look happier and are also easier to maintain. If you are in the mood for something really bold, you can go for multicoloured cabinets like the ones here designed by DRAISCI STUDIO.

Kitchen furniture colours

Colourful kitchen furniture is another convenient way to introduce colour in the kitchen. Be it just a couple of colourful chairs and a small breakfast table, or a boldly coloured kitchen island, or a bright cupboard in a corner, colourful furniture can make the kitchen space look more friendly and nurturing. They also add just a bit of colour to the kitchen instead of overpowering it which may work well for those with a subtle taste.

Kitchen appliance colours

While thinking of introducing colour in the kitchen people often ignore the kitchen appliances. But modern kitchen appliances can bring in a lot of glamour to a kitchen. So be it all silver coloured kitchen appliances like in this kitchen, a wooden kitchen with all black appliances or just a brightly coloured fridge, bring in some colourful kitchen appliances and spice up things in your boring old kitchen.

Kitchen curtain colours

Finally don't forget to dress the windows! Add some colourful curtains to your kitchen and complete its colourful makeover. Even if you are not too keen on adding too many colourful elements in a kitchen, just dressing up the windows in multi-coloured patterned curtains or shades, like the one's here and make it look much more vibrant. Alternately you can add kitchen curtains in a single bold colour which matches with the rest of the kitchen. If you are looking for colour as well as convenience, check out these 5 colourful kitchens for Indian homes.

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