A simple yet stylish wooden house

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Shear House, stpmj stpmj Modern houses
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When you think of a wooden house, you might automatically picture it to be a rustic countryside villa. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Studio architect STPMJ from Korea has created a charming wooden house by combining the natural materials with a simple yet modern design. Using a contemporary style, the design of the house is considered both minimalist and extravagant at the same time.

The facade

Shear House, stpmj stpmj Modern houses

Both the exterior and roof of the house are made of the same wood that merges into one to form a single unit. Underneath the roof is a large wide glass window that faces the lush greenery and breathtaking landscape.

The gable

Shear House, stpmj stpmj Modern houses

Plain straight lines can be seen on the gable of the house. Two small square-shaped windows and a rectangular glass door are embedded onto the wooden facade. Since the ceiling is shorter on one side than the other, it has resulted into an asymmetrical yet balanced shape.

The interior

Shear House, stpmj stpmj Modern living room

The special shape of the house also affects the structure of the interior. A long table with cushion seats are placed right in front of the large window to allow you to enjoy the scenery outside. The walls are painted white and light wooden flooring is used that extends to the living room.

The living room

Shear House, stpmj stpmj Modern living room

At the back of the house, you will find a furnished living room that is again, simple. The television is integrated into a custom-made cabinet which can only be seen when you stand close. All white, this cabinet fuses perfectly with the wall. The rest of the furniture in the living room consists of a soft carpet and an earth-colored sofa, along with a simple floor lamp.

The view above

Shear House, stpmj stpmj Modern living room

Above the living room, you will see an open second level. Hence, more light can penetrate from the top to bottom or from bottom to top. The entire house benefits from the lighting and brightness.

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