20 things you should avoid in your home if you're over 40

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By habit or because you lived and depended on your parents, some ideas or tastes are fixed in your memory and that's why we make some decisions almost without thinking. This often happens with the style and decoration of your home. For example: you buy the same brand of dishes that your mother had, or you paint the rooms with the same color that was in your house, because you consider that it is the right one, without really looking for other options. Or for example, you do not decorate the doors because as a child they told you that this was not done. 

In this book of ideas we are presenting a list of things that should not be in your home if you no longer live with your parents, and you're an adult who is no longer a student, but probably with a more or less stable job, and you may already have your own family. This book of ideas has been made taking into account conversations with people in the age group of around 40, who shared with homify their interests and habits. Review these analysis calmly and with a conscious self-criticism, and tell us if we are right or not. 

1. A disastrous kitchen

The kitchen is one of the places in your house that should always be clean and tidy. It is the place where you prepare your food and maybe even eat there too. Eating well is a pleasure and after 30 or 40 you should know that a good diet is essential to preserve your health. That's why the kitchen should always be clean and ready for convenient food preparation. 

For some great tips on how to maintain a clean house, refer to how to clean your house in 5 minutes.

2. Well-framed diplomas and awards

If this seems familiar to you, although it sounds weird, you've probably seen homes where even school graduation pictures are framed and placed in the living room of the house. Don't do it please! Just store them in a folder inside a drawer in case you ever need it. 

3. Plastic chairs on the terrace or in the garden

Plastic chairs are practical and cheap, but they do not make an overall good impression of your house; look for wooden or rattan furniture, even if you have to make an economic effort to buy them.

4. An unproductive garden

Having a garden space with no garden is depressing, do no such thing your home. If you're lucky enough to have a space for a garden, stop being a brat and make use of it. 

It is better to have a terrace with a garden

Plants can do a lot to create a nice terrace and we highly recommend at least placing a few pots with low maintenance plants on your terrace for this reason. The terrace can also serve as an extension of the social area of your home. 

5. A bare floor

A cold room without decoration can be boring, but you can change it with a carpet that gives warmth to the space. It also helps if the carpet has a colour that contrasts with the furniture you have. 

6. Kitchen utensils from IKEA

In the kitchen, look for novelty kitchen utensils and crockery. Choose ones that identify with you in color, design, shape and quality. The fact is that companies like IKEA who make mass produced products don't have much personality. 

7. A mattress on the ground directly

It is high time that the habits when you were a student are left behind. Find a bed with a good mattress that your back will thank you for later. 

8. Only one bed with bedspreads

An empty room like this is not for you now, you are already preparing to allow yourself something more than an empty room. It works when you're a student, but just doesn't cut it when you're a full grown adult. 

You need to have a cozy bed with bedspread, pillows and everything

Try to make yourself feel that the bed in your bedroom is cozy and always awaits you with blankets and pillows to inspire rest and sleep. This is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

9. An scary entrance

The entrance to this house is really scary; the entrances of houses are the card of presentation of who lives there. Do something, so that you do not live like Dracula anymore and scare the neighbours. 

Much better a modern entrance

Change the look of the entrance of your house with a cozy, well designed, illuminated space with the green touch of plants to revitalize and energize the environment. 

10. A jacuzzi to impress your friends

If you're over 40, you do not need to impress your friends anymore, just enjoy what you really need and want, a jacuzzi is not always a good acquisition,  especially if you do not have the money to maintain it in the future. However, if it really is what you want for your own personal satisfaction, ensure that the maintenance is excellent so that you can really enjoy it. 

11. Dirty and untreated walls

Never stop cleaning, painting and repairing the walls of your house. The poor condition walls in a house says a lot about the neglect by the owner. It is better to always keep it fresh with a good coat of paint. 

12. Stuff that has not been used for a long time

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Do not accumulate junk that does not work. Clear out anything that you have no used in the past few years. You can give it away, donate it, or maybe even sell it. 

16. How should your home be?

Your home should have personality, and that is achieved with colour, lighting and comfortable furniture. These are the premises for the style you want to have, to feel that it really is yours, not the replica of your parents' house. 

13. The air conditioning system

If you need a ventilation system such as air conditioning, maintaining it is essential. Don't have an air conditioning system that doesn't work, it just stinks of the complacency of youth. 

14. The sum of small things leads to a bigger problem

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When you present negative details, they result in a general bad impression of the owner of the house. So you have to try to have the positive details add up and accumulate, so that the small negative details like the mess in the kitchen sink don't really matter because the overall appearance is pleasant. 

15. Loose ropes and cables

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When installing any wiring, you must take into account hiding those loose low hanging wires that give a sloppy impression. 

17. Neglected plants

The plants you have in your home should be treated with respect, they are living beings that brighten the atmosphere of your home, take care of them and dedicate some time to them.

18. Furniture in poor condition

Do not have furniture in poor condition inside your home, fix it or get rid of what is not repaired as it only brings visual disorder to your home. 

19. A dark and disorganized study

The study room is a room that must have order and never be dark, so try to improve it to be the best it can be. Lighting, colour and furniture are important elements to consider when designing a study space. 

20. Excessive decorations

Do not exaggerate with excessive decorations. Remember that less is more, that should be your premise for a modern home. Your home will look more up-to-date with a few simple, elegant touches. 

For more inspiration and ideas on how to decorate your home, you can refer to 10 common home decoration mistakes to avoid.

Did you find this ideabook useful? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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