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Are you thinking about planning the house of your dreams? Then you may already know that a house plan is essential to achieve an optimal result. In addition to illustrating what will be built, the architectural design helps find the best solutions for specific spaces.

From good planning, it is possible to properly distribute the functions of the house and create a functional home with attractive environments. After all, this seems to be the most appropriate solution, to implement each element, such as doors, windows, partitions and furniture. In addition, since the first ideas on paper are easy to manipulate, great things can be achieved with the design of a good architectural floor plan. We invite you to visit these 10 house plans of one-story houses, designed by our  professionals, which we are sure you will love.

1. Functional Integration

Created for a young couple, this house plan is designed in an appropriate way for the daily life of the residents. An unused room has been transformed into a walk-in closet to bring more comfort and organization. In addition to the rooms, the professionals also planned the decoration throughout the house in order to create more functionality.

If you need more help understanding an architectural floor plan, you can refer to how to read an architectural floor plan.

2. Everything in its place

With proper planning, everything finds its place. This house plan was organized in the most practical and intelligent way possible, focusing the social areas in a harmonious distribution, thus compensating for the corridors and other spaces which are hardly used. It also incorporates a large and pleasant balcony to enjoy the day outdoors and the garden.

3. Open and connected to the garden

For the warmer regions, as is the case in most of India, it is interesting to have good outdoor spaces. This is also a good way to appreciate the natural ventilation and thermal comfort of the home. In this case, the architects responsible for the project opted for a good connection between the internal and external areas, which facilitates movement between them.

4. Separation of spaces

Here, the transition between the social and intimate environment is quite clear. On one side are the common areas: kitchen, dining room and living room. On the other hand, the rooms, TV room and bathrooms. Basically, the floor determines the function of each area of the house. As we see, wood is seen in the private areas, because the material has a warmer appearance, while the tile is applied in social areas.

5. Ideal distribution

In this house, the house plan incorporates integrated environments and a smooth and easy movement between each room. Without doubt, the most attractive part is the large terrace that acts as an extension of the living room.

6. Space and privacy

The residents' desire for this project was to increase the living area, so the architects hired for the project presented a proposal where balconies were incorporated into the home, one next to the living room and one next to the main room. In addition to transforming the structure of the house, coatings for the floor, the wall and the roof were also replaced. 

7. Small, but with everything

The interior of this house is simple, enter a small living room, then go to the kitchen which connects with the  bathroom and the master bedroom, all in a single floor design; very functional and excellently well thought out. A small house, but with everything.

You can always separate the spaces if you prefer. Here are 8 ways to separate the kitchen from the living room.

8. Modern and taking advantage of the roof

Now we present a house that has a plan with 4 bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large social area, which has something interesting: a central garden that gives light to each and every one of the areas that make up this modern plan.

9. With interior garden

Here we see another design in which an interior garden allows the house to be illuminated to the maximum, adding to the opening it has towards the large terrace with a pool. This is a project that is truly incredible, where a house on one floor has everything you need to enjoy life to the fullest.

10. Small and functional

In just 36 square meters, this small house has a distribution quite similar to the design we saw earlier. A small room serves as a hall, then connects to the kitchen, which connects to the bathroom and bedroom. Each of the spaces has enough area to be totally comfortable and functional. 

Which house plan do you like the best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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