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5 easy space ideas for kitchen

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They say, “A family that eats together, stays together.” Kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of every house. It is a symbol of care, love, passion and warmth for the family. However, it is easier said than done. A beautiful kitchen is not an easy thing to maintain. Be it small or big, too much stocked or less, from cup and cutlery to pans and pictures on walls, it will always require some kind of maintenance. And so, maintaining a kitchen is not just an art but also requires intelligence. Using the available space to its optimum use is an smart way to decorate a kitchen. And here are some such incredible ideas that will ensure a well managed and stylish kitchen.

Open Kitchen

A very apt and constructive usage of a long gallery area in the house can be turning it into an open kitchen. This style of kitchen is completely in trend these days and utilizes the available space very effectively. Open kitchen serves a good and retro design which ensures enough air and ventilation in the kitchen. The usage of modern modular kitchen makes it easier to cook well inside the house even in open. It helps to serve easily and dine along with cooking the food. More so, entertaining the guests becomes easier with the open kitchen as one can attend them even while cooking the delectable food for them. 

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Long Ventilated

A properly ventilated kitchen is the most beautiful way of structuring a kitchen in the first place. Nothing like an array of windows in the kitchen, that allows the light to flow in and the cooking aroma to flow out of the house. A slab in the middle of the room is an aptly placed and stylish technique that enhances the look of a modern kitchen. The cooking hobs on the slab help to make cutting and cooking easier and faster. Further, placing the dining table on one side and the storage shelves on the other side of the slab is a very innovative structuring that makes cooking hassle free and looks just awesome. A comfortable and effortless way to cook and serve in the same room, what's better? 

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Shelves For Storage

With a lot to store inside the kitchen, sometimes it becomes messy and unmanageable. Getting a wall to wall kitchen wardrobe helps to place the things in the right place and keep the kitchen neat. As the storage stays on the wall nothing sticks out in the free space of the kitchen and it stays clean and well maintained. Keeping the color of the shelves on the walls similar to the color of walls in the kitchen ensures the area looks spacious and retro. Shelves for storage in a kitchen render an elegant look overall. Make sure to click on the link below to know about the most innovative yet easiest food storage ideas at home.

4 Innovative Food Storage Ideas At Home

In-room Kitchen

Modern in-room kitchen is another very chic idea which is easy and comfortable for all. This is in fact the best idea for stylish cooking in the most relaxed manner. Using the extra space inside the room for converting this space into a small kitchen is a very intelligent concept. It is an easy cooking design while watching television or talking to the family.  The modern modular kitchens make sure of no smoke or smell left in the room after cooking is done.

Country Special Kitchen and Dining

One of the best usages of the empty space in the kitchen is using it as a dining area. Placing a dining table in the kitchen makes it easier for all to dine in together. To serve or to eat hot, this is very relaxing and easy space utilization. Place a small table with the number of chairs and decorate it with a beautiful table cloth. The number of chairs and the size of the table may vary depending upon the area available and the number of people in the family.

Using the spaces and walls creatively to make an efficient use of a kitchen space is all what is required for a stylish and comfortable kitchen. It is not how accessorized a kitchen is but how beautifully it has been maintained, that counts. Make sure to maintain well and cook good for family & friends because, “Cooking is love made visible”. Bon Appétit!

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