6 tricks that will make your home look very elegant

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There are days when we wake up determined to make changes not only in attitude, but also in our environment and that of course includes our home. There are several ways to make these changes noticeable without spending a lot of money or making major renovations. If you want to give a more elegant look to your decor, start by evaluating the furniture you have, get rid of what you no longer need to add something new.

Fortunately, the fundamental ingredient that is required is creativity. Think of a new range of colors, be encouraged to try new things and innovative trends from which you can choose what you like and make your own style. Just continue reading if you want to see all the ideas we have to offer and take note of these designs. 

1. Choose a single object and make it the center of attention

Find a focal point, this is always important in all rooms of the house, whether in the  room, bathroom or the kitchen. Always have an element on which all eyes will focus. In this case we see a room where predominantly neutral tones are focused on highlighting a very colorful and characteristic painting that is right behind the white sofa. No doubt your guests will have much to talk about with that striking painting.

2. Add elements that reflect your personality

This may be one of the most important points in decoration, always reflect your personality, from the color of the walls, to the last ornament, you should like and feel identified with it. This space undoubtedly reflects a lot of elegance, it is due to the sum of different elements in the same space, here the center of attention is the hanging crystal lamp, but at the same time it is accompanied by the rest of the elements, such as the grey sofa, the imposing piano and even the mirrors complement the decoration.

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3. Decorate with organic materials

When we refer to using elements or organic materials in the decoration, we try to mix textures, fabrics and natural patterns, maybe you can choose native fabrics from the region where you live or if you visited somewhere in India or abroad and brought some memory, a cushion, a blanket, or quilt made by hand, this will undoubtedly bring not only elegance, it will also make your room stand out and it will not look like anything you have seen.

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4. Distribute the furniture in a traditional layout

This design retains a classic layout although it has modern furniture and other elements that make it stand out. We talked about the focal point and here we also see it present in the striking painting at the center of the living room, where the present tonalities are neutral, but the color is integrated in a very intelligent way. 

5. Mix different textures

The more textures you get in a living room, the more aesthetic values you have to highlight. Get out of the boring, stop choosing the safe and modify your decoration by playing with different materials. You can mix wood with glass, or pure colors with patterns, like this red piece of furniture against a wall with patterned wallpaper that contrast perfectly. This will result in an unusual and striking decoration.

6. Incorporate a surprise element

When we refer to the surprise element in the decoration, it is that furniture or accessory that stands out from the rest and that is very likely not common in all living rooms. It can be a small bar, some lamps with designs or even an area to place the wine bottles that you can intelligently include in the decoration.

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Which interior decoration idea did you like the best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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