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After reading this book of ideas you will not have the area below or next to the staircase abandoned or made into a messy storage area. The foregoing we assure you from this first moment because the following ideas consist of including effective, timely and phenomenal, gardens as company for the stairs. The garden design ideas for the staircase area range from a few potted plants under the stairs to a landed garden and hanging garden. We are convinced that you will find good ideas to create a perfect garden in your staircase area. 

A lot of stone and foliage

This first  staircase has a contour that makes it unique: on both sides there are plants of an intense green with large leaves, which are accompanied by pebbles rolled on the ground; this so that the earth does not spread everywhere and dirty the area.

Flower pot after flowerpot

If you want to possess the freshness of a garden but the fact of dealing with dirt, insects and leaves is not for you, try gardening with pots and very showy plants. If you want a more eclectic look for the area, then get different types of pots, or identical pots if you want a simple, modern design as pictured here. Here are 10 tropical perennial plants for small gardens to help you choose the right plants for your potted garden under the stairs. 

Help for the corner that nobody turned to see

Creating a  garden in the staircase area can be the perfect strategy to make the corner that nobody turned to see more attractive. For example, just look carefully at the design pictured here to notice that just at the angle that the steps make, there are three pretty succulents waiting to be admired. You can also add a sculpture to attract more attention to the staircase area. Here are 8 interesting sculptures for Indian homes and gardens

An immaculate white floor

The floor is usually an aspect that mitigates the desire to create a garden under the staircase, but there is a solution for everything and here are the little white stones loose everywhere: they cover any surface perfectly and give an appearance full of neatness. For more ideas on how to create a stone garden under the stairs, you can refer to design a DIY Zen mini courtyard in your home

Circle of nature

Not only rectangular spaces are suitable for a garden under the stairs, something circular or oval is also a great option; as long as the form does not hinder the rest of the areas.

Fit for a little water

Although the free space under the stairs is relatively small, with ingenuity there may even be a place for a fountain. With this accessory, the relaxing sound of flowing water will be the first to attract attention. 

A garden that develops

Now, if you want the plants not only to be located under the steps of the staircase, you can follow the example of the garden that develops pictured here. The plants one by one begin to follow the shape of the staircase, in such a way that It looks like a garden unfolding little by little. 

Vertical garden

When there is no place to create a garden under the stairs, you have to look at the walls with different eyes, because they are the perfect place to create a vertical garden that offers a benefits of a garden without occupying too much space on the ground.

Height garden

If the stairs of your house connect different floors, the ideal thing is to create gardens of height, that is to say, that have tall trees and plants of great length; thus the entire climb or ascent will be full of freshness.

Decorate a lot with little

The foliage of various tropical plants helps a lot in gardens below the stairs, and with one or two of them you can fill the space that was previously empty and abandoned with colour and freshness. 

Authenticity when decorating

Plants are fabulous as decorations, but it is not necessary that you have to plant them to have a decoration full of nature under your staircase.

Beautiful view

We could not close with a better garden design for the staircase area, and this last picture illustrates to perfection that greenery and steps make a sensational team.

Which garden design idea for the staircase area did you like the best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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