13 pictures of gardens made with stone

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Are you looking to decorate your garden, but the tap of ideas has gone dry? Worry not, for we at homify have just the thing for you! Sprucing up your garden is a simple ordeal if you are aware of the elements that you can incorporate in them. With soil, stones, sand and plants there is a whole lot that you can achieve with minimal effort. Don't believe us? Read on..  

1. A bed of pebbles

Pebbles add a unique touch to just about any surface that they touch. Make a bed of pebbles, upon which, you can place ceramic pots. To separate the area from the rest of the room, make sure that you use a glass sheet. 

2. How about an indoor lawn?

This next idea kicks off where the previous one left off. Rather than an entire bed of pebbles, you can add in an element of surprise like in the image. Add in ceramic pots or larger rocks to enhance the overall look of your in house garden

3. Au naturale elements

Before you proceed to burn a hole through your pocket with expensive elements from the store, you should consider this. The next time you set off on a hike or a trip to the beach, be sure you pick up the unique pebbles and rocks that Mother Nature has to offer you. Place these at the entrance of your home, and you have for yourself one unique entrance! 

4. The garden of life

Casa Owen, Terra Terra Modern garden

You can mix things up a bit in your garden by using the elements made available to you. With stone slabs you can create a path upon which you can walk. Combine larger rocks with smaller pebbles and plants of various shapes, sizes and colors.

5. This is what comfort zones are made of!

How would you like to relax, and unwind in an area of perfect tranquility? With this unique combination of garden chairs and pebbles you can do just that. Back this up with a wall of greenery and you are good to go. 

6. Colorful gardens

A garden filled with flowers of different colors could make all the difference in the world. Pick out your favorite ones and combine it with shrubs of your choice. 

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7. Play with the floor area

This is a great idea for those of you who would like to have a bit of variety love in every corner of their home. Using pebbles as a decorative element will bring life to your garden. 

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8. Matters of wood

Another alternative for you is to reap the benefits of wooden elements that can include hues of red, ocher, and green among others. Pick out the ones you like most and integrate them with the rest of your garden. You could also use a large trunk as a decorative table between two wooden stools.

9. Crates to the rescue

You could also use wooden crates to uphold the plants you place in them. Line them up with pebbles or stones, depending on your liking and you have for yourself a very unique arrangement. 

10. For the patio

To achieve a similar effect, you could use a carpet or simply a wooden plank in the garden, around which you can place plants and pots according to your liking. The combination of colors and elements is the key in a garden such as this. 

11. Crystals

For a more natural touch, combine crystals with stones. This will set the tone in the garden because of the variety. We recommend that you use amethyst and crystal quartz. Combine them with stones of various types to beautify the place.

12. Pebbles on a bed of soil

Use nature in your favor as part of a new decorative perspective. Placing stones at the base of the plants gives more color as rocks contrast the tone of the soil. Use light colors on the rocks, and you will see how it illuminates the place.

13. Fountains for the finish

Place rocks and plants around a central water fountain for the best effect. The more the merrier, so don't let anything hold you back! 

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