9 Tips to protect your wooden house from termite attacks

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Who doesn’t love to live in a cosy wooden hut in a scenic spot? The structure is so beautiful. Besides, the interiors remain cool in the long summer months and comfortably warm in the winter. But trouble comes at the onset of the rainy season. The damp weather condition is ideal for the termites to breed and propagate. They attack the wooden houses in hordes, leaving everyone worried about the fate of one’s charming little wooden residence. Today, we will discuss some ways to protect your wood house from the attacks of termites.

1. Protect the building

Spray anti termite chemicals all over the house. The roof trusses, frames and window panes seem particularly prone to a termite attack. So use termite repellents to protect these parts of your building. You also seek assistant from local pest controllers to get rid of the termites already infesting the place.

2. Keep the drainage system clean

Stagnant water and high level of moisture is favoured by termites. Keep the drainage system free of dirt and grind. Discourage having stagnant water inside the drain water piping. Don’t encourage moisture build up in the basement.

3. Fix the leaking water pipelines

Immediately fix the leaking water pipelines. Change your kitchen faucet the moment it starts leaking. Apart from encouraging termites, trapped moisture behind the wall promotes the growth of mould and mildew. They will leave ugly marks on your stylishly decorated walls. And, with time, the entire structure will become weak and less safe for occupancy.

4. Storing wooden logs

Keep the wooden logs safely piled up away from the house in a store room or barn. Remove dead grasses and small shrubs that have been mowed in the recent time but not been disposed of properly. These dead plants and wood are favourite haunting place for a number of pests including the termites.

5. Use quality wood

Use only seasoned and high quality wood to build the entire structure. There are some wood types that naturally repel termites. These include red cedar, chestnut, juniper, walnut and white oak. You will be able to build a more durable structure using these wood types. Buy pressure treated lumber meant for the purpose of building a home. If you are not sure about the choice of wood, seek suggestions from an experienced home builder.

6. Have proper ventilation

With proper ventilation the interior atmosphere remains dry and healthy. With the right kind of ventilation system, the fear of moisture build up in any part of the house can be nearly avoided. Keep the air vents clean and under periodic maintenance. This is essential for the general well being of the inhabitants of the house.

7. Keep the warehouses clean

Make sure all the accessory dwellings and warehouses are cleaned scrupulously at periodic intervals. Many times termites inhabit the deserted barns and warehouses first and attack the primary dwelling much later. For sure, keeping the house clean is no easy task. If you are seeking some tips and tricks for speed cleaning, you may look into our article here.

8. Go for soil treatment before building a house

If you are building a house on a former forest land or rebuilding a deserted house on ancient parkland, treat the soil with termiticides. This will get rid of the soil termites. It is better to opt for soil treatment every 3 to 5 years in an area prone to the termite attacks.

9. Live in a properly illuminated space

Termites thrive under damp and dark conditions. So make sure your interior atmosphere remains dry. Let sunlight flow in the interiors. Use proper illumination to keep the space bright and cheerful all day long. Don’t let the basements and attics remain completely dark even when unoccupied.

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