The House that Dared to Dream

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Ousado!, Paulinho Peres Group Paulinho Peres Group Modern kitchen
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Brazilian architecture has proved itself once again with cutting-edge design, innovative vision and futuristic trend. Modern meets magnificent here.

Designed by the professionals at Paulinho Peres Group, this is the house that they've described as Daring. And daring it is. No stone has been left unturned in the quest for elaborate detail and intricate touches. This is a home fit for a Hollywood star or a rock legend. Think flashy parties, plush movie nights and gourmet dinners.

This isn't the first time that these Brazilian architects have managed to achieve such daring glamour, without compromising on the comfort and appeal of the house itself. They have a range of exotic projects that are just as impressive as this house, including La MansionInspiracao and the Resort project.

But today we are here to explore their Daring project, which in Portuguese is Ousado!

Let's go check it out!

Safe and secure

This is a house that would be fantastic in South Africa because it is gorgeous and yet still safe and secure. 

The perimeter fences and the security gates have been integrated into the design and are white and subtle, working with the grey walls and white finishes of the house itself. The security gates—the pedestrian gate and the main gate—are also transparent, made possible by the use of slatted wood. This is a great design tip because the gates are designed to keep your home safe, without looking like you live in a prison or in Fort Knox. 

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Grey and white are also fantastic colours for the exterior—subtle and stylish. And we love the black and white checkered tiled driveway! This adds a bit of trend and character to the exterior. You can also achieve this by painting the door a bright and bold primary colour. 

Nature meets nurture

This angle of the house shows us how the designers have incorporated beautiful and lush plants, trees and grass into the design of the house. The garden outside the perimeter wall mirrors the garden inside the property and the designers haven't held back. An abundance of plants, trees and flowers spill over on each side.

The glass perimeter wall is our favourite part of this side of the exterior, because once again the architects have managed to design a safe space, without it feeling or looking like a prison. Any passers-by will be able to have a glimpse into this exotic garden, going green with envy!

Lighting is key here as well, where lights have been beautifully and strategically placed in the garden to create a magical and romantic ambiance. Lighting is very important for the garden area because, if done right, you can ensure you have enough light for the kids to play in the garden in the evening. You can also have an evening braai without worrying about burning the meat—you'll be able to see what you're cooking!

The gold mine

Moving into the interior of the house, it's clear to see that the designers have ensured that the quality and perfection from the exterior translates throughout the interior. This is a home with a little bit of magic. 

The first thing captures our eye are the trendy ceiling lights, which have been fitted into a gorgeous curved fitting that drops from the ceiling. Don't you think this adds character and depth to the space? 

The colours in this space are neutral—rich browns and beige. And everything is plush, from the rugs to the cushions to the sofas. This is a living room designed to be both modern and comfortable. 

How have the designers achieved the delicate balance between the two?

Well, they have juxtaposed the cushy furniture with sleek, silver cabinets and accessories, which line the wall under the flat screen television. This creates an overall polished look and feel where taste and class collide.

Classy cooking

Can't you picture yourself in this kitchen, whipping up gourmet dinners or sipping wine while your kids bake a cake?

It's clean, sparkling and sleek and the perfect inspiration for the chef! No one wants to cook in a dirty kitchen. If you see plates in the sink, your first instinct is to order take-away—no muss, no fuss. 

The designers have softened the look of the cool metal appliances with light, warm wood, creating a much more cosy space. The curved lighting structure has also been included in this area, creating a soft glow rather than a bright, blinding space. 

The best part about this kitchen is how it flows into an open plan breakfast nook, equipped with fresh flowers and a television screen. It means that the chef can enjoy his or her favourite cooking show while frying up a feast or the family can enjoy breakfast while watching the morning news. An open plan kitchen space also allows for a more social cooking environment.

Pampered poolside

Have you ever seen anything like this?

A wooden patio leads out onto a luxurious, well-lit swimming pool where relaxation awaits. Romantic nights can be spent here gazing at the stars or watching movies on the outdoor projector screen. And days can be spent swimming and sun tanning, with exotic cocktails decorating the recliner chairs.

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Boogie nights

The bedroom is one of our favourite parts of the house, with a funky round bed, beautiful lighting and edgy and stylish design.

If you're looking to do something different with your bedroom, a round bed is the perfect solution! Unique and trendy, this is reminiscent of '70s style, especially with the soft, orange lights peaking out from underneath the bed. 

The edgy décor—lighting and appliances—are softened by the warm, neutral linen and the light wooden floors. There are lots of lamps in this room, which creates a very specific atmosphere. You don't want bright neon lights in your room because you want it to be a cocoon, a space where you can escape from the noise and bustle of your day to day life. 

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The positioning of the television is also fantastic here, hovering over the bed so that the family can cuddle up and watch their favourite movies right from the comfort of warm blankets and cushy pillows.


This is the brightest and happiest room in the whole house—elegant and fun—designed just for the kids. 

The neutral furniture and wooden floors have been enhanced here with brightly coloured wall paper and the introduction of the colour blue into the space. Toys add character and and sense of fun to the room.

The wallpapered map is a great addition to any kids space because not only is it fun and bright, but it's also educational. 

A perspex chair and the blue desk are a lovely little feature in the room, utilising the existing furniture while creating a space for kids to draw and do their homework. When they're done, they can relax on the day bed and watch their favourite cartoons!

Exquisite and lavish, this is a home that is designed for the whole family. You just can't beat high quality!

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