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15 kitchen ideas you can easily copy

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The idea of integral kitchen is just fantastic. Its kind of a dream place, a complete corner where you can cook for the family and de-stress in the process. Cooking will no longer be a difficult and complicated work in such a kitchen. These kinds of kitchens have to be constructed separately and have to be functional from all aspects so that they can match demands of today’s life well. Integral kitchens will include appliances, accessories, structure storage space etc – all in a single space and assembly and under a singular modern premise.

If you are planning to have your own integral kitchen, check out the below mentioned 15 images. You can either create a new integral kitchen altogether or work on the existing one and implement avant-garde changes for turning the space into a new one.

1. Looking for the perfect combination

The combination of wood and steel work just perfect as they balance and complement each other perfectly. Along with aesthetics, both the materials have resistance and durability, power, which is absolutely important when it comes to an area like the kitchen in the house.

2. Adaptable and accessible from any angle

Having a modern air is the specialty of any integral kitchen. This is because the kitchen is wisely distributed and makes better functionality. Integral kitchens come in varied sizes, styles and set at different angles. Even if there is a corner angle in the kitchen, you will not be deprived of any element in the space as it is designed exclusively.

3. Open space but individual touch

Integral kitchens have proved to be highly effective in homes where saving space is the main motto. This will make the kitchen open and it will be integrated to other spaces in the house as well as seen in the image. There might be subtle details, which need attention so that there is no visual limitation and the aesthetic value of the place is enhanced significantly.

4. Highly elegant integral kitchen

Interior designing is an art and you can always be experimental in the same. Using colours like black in the kitchen can make the space look amazing. You can also maintain high symmetry in the kitchen and taking these risks will only enhance the appeal of the space significantly.

5. Class integrated with neatness

Choosing the right colour for the integral kitchen is quite important. Many people think that having a completely white kitchen might be difficult for maintenance and for hygiene. Instead of white, you can choose from other subtle tones on the colour palette. The best idea is to select from the neutral range of colours. Check out the image and you will see that the tiles in the kitchen match completely with the drawers and the cabinets in the place. The marbled wood for the countertops are in sharp contrast and make the whole place look extremely attractive.

6. Mysterious looking luxury kitchen

One of the main features and attractions of an integral kitchen is that it has intelligent distribution in all aspects – symmetrical and aerial shelves, cabinets, dark wood which is kind of alternated with the wine shade of the walls, etc. The whole pattern and setting of the kitchen has a mysterious effect an presents a sight, which is not very commonly seen in kitchens.

7. Everything of wood!

Wood has its own charm and magic and there is no denying this fact. However, when wood is used in the kitchen, it should be used with immense caution as the place is exposed to various kinds of fats and liquids as well as fire, etc. But if the wood is prepared in the right manner, you will understand that there is no better, practical and contemporary material which can be used in the kitchen.

8. Size is not a matter or problem at all

One of the main aims with which integral kitchens were invented was to solve space constraint issues in the kitchen. In most kitchens we cannot find space to place various components and make the kitchen look clumsy and cluttered at the end. So even if you have a small kitchen, do not be afraid as an integral kitchen can make the place practical and functional and beautiful all at the same time.

9. Length wise distribution

If you thought that functionality is restricted to a single colour or shape, you are mistaken. Integral kitchens are beautiful as they can be adjusted and modded as per the preference of the customer or inhabitant. Check this kitchen design, which has elongated distribution. There is a feeling of overall comfort and spaciousness in the kitchen with this kind of setup.

10. Translucent details in the kitchen

If you are looking for matching the kitchen design with the appliances, you have to think properly. The environment has to be designed in a manner so that all the things look in sync with one another or have contrast. In this particular case, the integral kitchen has translucent details, which provides avant-garde effects and a futuristic touch to the kitchen. On the whole, the entire kitchen setup is delightfully done.

11. Exclusive corners in the kitchen

Modern and useful distribution in an integral kitchen should be done on the basis of functionality. The sectors should be arranged so that practical working is easier in the kitchen. Check out the image and you will see that there is a panel in the right corner, which has the refrigerator, the microwave and the stove. There is another different area for accessories and storage. The central island is also an important place, which is useful as well as practical in approach. Moreover, the central island also helps in making the space look beautiful.

12. Spacious and homogenous kitchen

If you want to save space and want more freedom of design and movement in the kitchen, you can think of having the cabinets attached to the wall. This is a great practical option. If all the drawers, cabinets and frames are of the same material, there will be consistent style all across the kitchen making it look really attractive.

13. Amalgamation of the contemporary and the classic

The combination of contemporary and classic when done in the right manner can bring in surprisingly pleasant results. See the kitchen design and you will understand the beautiful contrast of the old and the new. The white of the classic and the mouldings, the transparent pews of the island and the metallic details are in sharp contrast with one another. Though in contrast, the styles are beautifully integrated into one another.

14. Using pastel shades for soft effects

If you are ready to give a traditional touch to the kitchen, you should definitely use pastel shades in the space. Pastel shades are not commonly used in the kitchen. However, when such colours are used with painted wooden pallets and moldings, the kitchen gets a vintage appearance. Moreover, there is a unique appearance to the kitchen. This is an innovative traditional style for the integral kitchen at home.

15. Use of embellished panels

The panels in the kitchen come in the shade of natural and grey wood. The kitchen setup is highly functional and visually appealing at the same time. The whole area is well integrated and looks good. 

Check out the ideas and get the best integral kitchen for your house as per your need and budget. These guidelines are sure to help in this regard.

Which one of these ideas inspired you the most? Let  us know in the comments below.

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