6 Retro Bookshelves To Save Space

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Books are said to be a person’s best friends. And would anyone want to keep their best buddies uncomfortable? Be sure, that’s the last thing a book lover would want to do. Yet, at times the space crunch has to be kept in mind to store these wonderful pals. And so, here’s the best that can be done about these storage problems and made some real good use of the available space. What’s best suited for the space among a wide range of options is a choice to be made. And yes, a book shelf with books shelved in it is a treat for the book lovers to look at.

A lamination on the wall

Another really wonderful idea to use the space is this really creative door like wall kept standing against the wall of a room. This is an extremely creative and innovative idea to use space and stock books. Various sizes of books can be kept easily in this shelf and it can be moved anywhere comfortably to suit the room settings. It looks like a very stylish frame on the wall and adds to the décor of the room. Also, one can opt for colors of this shelf as per the room’s wall color combination.

A Room of Books

Kivo. Visual space frames with optimized acoustic shielding.​ Alexander Lorenz (FORMKIND GmbH) Study/officeCupboards & shelving
Alexander Lorenz (FORMKIND GmbH)

Kivo. Visual space frames with optimized acoustic shielding.​

Alexander Lorenz (FORMKIND GmbH)

Often book lovers want a room of their own to sit, read and not be disturbed while they are having a wonderful time with their books. Here’s a cute little idea as a solution. Make a small and cozy tent with bookshelves all around and place some chairs and a table within it. This is small and adjustable so can be kept in any of the rooms and gives a very chic sense to the reading area.

Under the Stairs Shelf

A lot of us have sometimes not thought of the space right under our stairs on the ground. Yes!! That can be of a very resourceful use too. Imagine a series of books kept right there. With such an elegant and stylish design, this space will become an apt area to place all the books. All that has to be done is, place some wooden planks and shelve the books and they are good to go. And truly they look awesome.

Room Partitan Shelf

So if, none of the above options are suitable for someone how about the room partitioning wall? A shelf right IN THE WALL. Isn’t it a good idea? Imagine carving out a wall and making some blocks in it. This bookshelf is ready to use. Making it look like such a creative wall, the books will be visible from both the sides. Just like a library shelf, everybody will love to keep the books maintained without the hassle of keeping a separate bookshelf. For more inspiring ideas on creating bookshelves out of partitioning walls, click here Interior Partitions

Right On Your Wall

And when there is nothing to place on that wall. Here’s one really amazingly useful idea. Why not make a self right within the show piece on the wall. It’s actually so beautiful to place shapes on the wall and keep books within them. This creative idea will not just save the space of a bookshelf but also will be an added and intelligent show piece on the wall. Now wall shelves can be as creative as possible and could be used for not just storing books but also other stuff like stationery items, little accessories etc. 

Fascinated by the idea? Be sure to click the link below for innovative ideas of creating a bookshelf right on the wall. 

7 of the best creative wall shelves

Place the Shelf All Along The Wall

Often one just can’t understand where to keep the shelf because nothing seems to fit in. The various furniture and accessories just make it impossible to keep a bookshelf where one wants to. So here’s a solution to it. Place a wide shelf all along the wall of the room so as to cover the complete wall and not stick out in the room. This very easy to place shelf can be placed on any of the walls from high up to the floor. Easy to maintain and place this shelf will also provide a chic look to the room along with enough space to shelve the books.

Isn’t it a marvel the way such spaces can be used and shelve the books just at the right place and keep them right in front of the eyes. It enhances the look and the efficiency of the space along with adding a style to the room. After all books shouldn't just be read but should also be cherished and kept safe.

Further, if the collection of books is huge, a home library could make things manageable. Click here for best ideas on creating Home Libraries

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