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16 pictures of family-friendly two-storey residences

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It's a happy and fulfilling thing to own a house in your own land! You can plan the appearance of the house according to your own ideas and then look at what is ideal. If you already have a piece of land and intend to start building a house in the near future, then this idea book will certainly give you a lot of inspiration. We have compiled pictures and descriptions of 16 two-storey houses for families, with 16 different specialists using a variety of materials to create two-storey houses of different styles and designs. The generous size of these houses are great for families.

If you want to build your own home, join us and enjoy these 16 two-storey houses for families!

1.. Different materials

Bricks and concrete make an impressive addition in the facade of this house, while the second floor, roof and square blocks form a strong contrast which is very unique.

2.Gray and white

The first home we see was carefully crafted by talented Taiwanese experts. The gray-tinted, white-dominated mix of colors gives an attractive contrast to the facade of the house. The house entrance is covered by eaves, ideal for the monsoon season in India, while the second floor terrace is a great place for homeowners to indulge outdoors. 

3. Pastoral atmosphere

The red roof tiles bring a cosy atmosphere, while the white exterior walls make it feel very fresh. Surrounding the second floor balcony and first floor terrace are pleasant outdoor spaces.

4. White

Pure white walls exude a modern minimalist style, while the first floor of the terrace is connected to the courtyard and the interior of the block. 

5.Wood and glass

Take Off, Una St Ives, iroka iroka Modern balcony, veranda & terrace

The wooden planks and the sloping roof are two of the hallmarks of the facade of this house. The large glass windows are also a focal point. The design team have also used transparent walls on the balcony on the second floor so they do not block the view from the outside.

6. Traditional structure

The traditional structure of this house could be suitable for you if you like pure country style homes.

7. Dark base

This striking modern home with a dark base and white focal points is super eye-catching.

8. Interesting lines

Gray and white are the main colors of this home with interesting lines, with different colors in different blocks, making this house more unique.

Coffee-colored home

This coffee-colored home includes a garage design, making it perfect for a family with cars and bicycles. 

Atrium house design

The house is a combination of two buildings, and in the middle, there is a beautiful courtyard which is very relaxing and calming. 

11. Spacious parking

This house has a spacious open carpark, and the color of the house is very subtle and simple.

12. Rustic atmosphere

The house pictured here has the charm and ambiance of a rustic village house, while the orange tiles give it a Mediterranean touch.

13. Manor style

Giving the impression of the manor style, this house will definitely allow you to enjoy the beautiful country life.

14. Mellow yellow

A mellow yellow house with traditional wall panels and a striking roof makes a clean and cosy impression. 

15. Elegant charm

This home in the country offers an elegant feel which is usually a rare element in country styled homes. 

16. Layered roof

The layered roof covering this house make it stand out from the rest and give it a unique charm of its own. The color contrast between the facade and roof also helps to enhance the design of this house. 

For more inspiration and ideas, have a look at another ideabook: a beautiful family house.

Which house design did you like the best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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